Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lovely Complex!!!

Coming to the end of the holidays, the days just seemed to get boring. So I thought I should start watching something to past time. Syen was saying that Lovely Complex is damn funny so I gave it a go lor. First episode didn't really attract me but after watching the second one I started to get hooked. I'm halfway through the anime and I really find it to be a damn good show. To me, the appealing factor is not the jokes (don't get me wrong, as Syen said, its DAMN FUNNY), but more of the whole story of the anime. It's amazing how they can make it so damn funny but so damn sad/touching at the same time.

I'm a pretty emotional guy and I do cry while watching shows, but only if it really touches me. Lovely Complex is the first anime that actually made me teared. The amazing thing about the anime though wasn't that it made me teared... it was because not only tears of sadness was produced but the anime some how manage to make me laugh at the same time that I was crying!! 1 minute you pity the female lead so much that it hurts and the next minute you burst out laughing with the tears of sadness still flowing down. Sounds absurd but that's really what I was going through when I was watching it.

Maybe I'm too sensitive or emo but even if it does not make you guys cry, its still a great show. Lovely Complex is a highly recommended show by me !! Take your time to watch it on!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Results are out... I can say I'm satisfied with what I got. Surprisingly, I didn't do as badly as I thought I would. Still searching for that A though.....

Went out for dinner with some of the S9 gang to celebrate Shen Yin's birthday. Spent quite a long time in Chilli's chatting while enjoying the free flow of drinks and chips (after our main course la). Talked a lot on the memorable things that happened in college. Just in that short year, so many things happen... Friends that joined the class late, friends that left the class early. Cases of boy meets girl -> boy chases girl -> girl runs away (literally xD). Back then, everything seemed so fun and relaxing.

All of us has gone through a lot since that year of joy and laughter. Some has lost loved ones, some coupled, some broke-up, some coupled AND broke-up, some graduated and started working, while some are traveling before they start working. Talking about what the others are currently doing really made me missed those that couldn't make it today. Really hope that one day, a full reunion can be organized.

Till that day, let us pray we will all lead our lives happily.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to S9 2004.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas eve yesterday was fun... but could have been better if i didn't KO so early... zzzz
Attended a BBQ with the gang. This year's group was a bit different, all working people..... I'm the youngest there!! The food was so-so but the fun part came when we started drinking. As usual, games were played... and the loser will have to drink lor... zzzz, I don't get it... Every group of friends I go out with, I'm sure to be the one getting targeted to drink..... Hence, xander KO early.... Sigh... wanted to last longer but the consecutive drinking really was taxing.... Spent the rest of the time stoning there watching them play.... Wish I could spend more time getting to know the new friends there.

Tomorrow.... results.... zzzz.... A part of me feels like I don't care anymore, but the competitive part in me is still damn afraid... Hope I don't do too badly...



Thursday, December 20, 2007


Played futsal today... Whole body damn tired..... Its pretty obvious that my stamina has deteriorated to an embarrassing level.... sigh... have to play more!!! Ended with barely anything left in me... haven't felt so tired for such a long time di... Good feeling though, the feeling after exercising. Yen Yoong on the other hand wasn't as lucky as me... The very last thing to happen in the court was him being hit in the head by the ball. One of Darren's friends(I think his name was Kenneth) took a long range shot and it flew directly to Yen Yoong's jaw. Luckily nothing was broken.... but I'm sure it was very painful. Other than that misfortune, I had fun. Looking forward to the next session!

Started watching Claymore recently. Didn't want to start earlier as I was already occupied with quite a number of animes and was worried about my studies. Now, since I am damn bored here I decided to start. Didn't regret though, started off in a dull way. I watched the first episode and thought "owh... not another half-demon killing demons kinda show". Few episodes down I found the plot getting a bit better and I got fully hooked during the Teresa episodes. Recommended to those that haven't watch.. though I doubt any of those people that actually read this hasn't watched.

6 am... should sleep soon... sigh...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GG Client...

Ahh... finally gave up temptation and tried DotA using GG Client... Played 1 game, was lagging though... not due to connection but more of a graphical lag... Guess this comp here is getting old. The mouse was helping either... kept jumping up and down making it hard for me to focus... zzzz
Oh well, guess a new mouse and I can't start DotA nicely at home di.. the lag is bearable bah.... I can adapt (:

Went out to FTZ for a few games yesterday. FIFA08 !!! Wee, gonna get the cd from kev before I go back to Singapore. After a few games, we went for dinner. As we were thinking of what to eat, we suddenly thought of Kenny! Long time no see him and his house is nearby so thought we should give him a call to see whether he can join us or not. So I dialed his number that was given to me few months ago..... A malay woman picked up.... She started blabbering something like "OI!! JANGAN KACAU KACAU TELEPON SAYA!!". =.= wtf? Wrong number also kenot? Siapa nak kacau you wei mak cik...... zzzzz Then awhile later, the same number called me back. This time it was a man.

Me: Oh maaf bang, tadi salah nombor. Ingat nombor kawan.

Damn farking stupid lor. I knew people were getting more stupid nowadays.. I didn't know there were stupid until they couldn't understand their own language... I mean, I already politely said sorry that I dialed the wrong number.. IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE LOR. Damn sohai.... People nowadays... Sohai until will spend money to call and try to track down somebody that accidentally dialed a wrong number. =.=

Been very bored here at home.... sigh.... Drama+manga+anime is all I do...... Sucks wei... This house doesn't even have a DVD player! To make things worst.. haven't been able to sleep well at night lately.... Always can't sleep until very very late (or early) and even after I fall asleep, I will keep waking up in short period of times..... Making me very tired in the afternoons which results in me sleeping right after lunch all the way till dinner.... Screwed up biological clock...

Christmas coming, gonna have a bbq with the same gang of people that I had bbq with for the past 3 years. Apart from the few people from my high school, the rest all I meet while DotA-ing. Despite the fact that most of us don't play together anymore and only meeting once a year (which is the christmas gathering), we still manage to have a good time every year. Amazing how strong the bonds we gamers have. Looking forward to that day!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Went out yesterday to FTZ for a few games with Kev and his friends. Fun! Before that I was getting bored and didn't have the mood for Dota anymore but that few games really reminded me why I love Dota so much. Games with Kev are very different than the games I have back in Singapore. It's because Kev its the kind of person that dares to try something new and that gives me the freedom to try too! Its fun wei to do stupid things in game and people laugh instead of scolding you. On 1 particular game... we had 2 crows with dagon 5 flying around the map trying to ks each other.. DAMN 7 FUN LOR! If I did that back in Singapore sure kena screw wan.....

Played 5 games.. 3 pub games which were fairly easy games and 2 in house games which were a bit harder. Really had fun... Makes me want to play more!! but sadly... Can't get any games at home... sigh.. sien....

Going out to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks with some of the 5b gang tomorrow.... 5 of us only to be exact.. I loved the cartoon!! Hope to movie is as good!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Finally back in Malaysia... Was supposed to be back yesterday but didnt manage to buy any tickets.

Part of me feels happy to be back.... the other... feels..... don't know.... sien?

Not used to the stupid computer here... its like 3 times slower than my desktop back in Singapore...the mouse always double clicks no matter how soft i click the button..... zzz and the screen is so small.... not to mention the graphic card sucks.... Add the superbly slow screamyx connection and we have a combination fit for people 10 years back... zzzz

Went out for supper with Yen Yoong, Meng Tat, Ryan and Darren just now.... Hokkien mee!!! yumm!! Oily and fattening!!! yumm!! So many more things I wanna eat.... Will take this month to indulge myself with Malaysian food before I go back to surviving on instant noodles and lousy canteen food.

To Cass: Sorry girl.... Won't be able to with you for a whole month.... chat on msn k?
To Lak: Stop stalking my blog for girls la!!!! =p

Sunday, December 9, 2007

BBQ yesterday was....... great... 1 chicken wing, 1 sausage. =D
Yesterday was enlightening, I saw many things that I didn't realized before. A great learning experience if you ask me.

I realized how stupid I was,
for holding on to that shattered hope just believing that it will work out. The shattered pieces ended up stabbing my heart. I wouldn't have felt the pain if I had just thrown the pieces of hope away earlier. Hope is disastrous. I've finally see that there's no point in hoping/wishing for something. If chances are you're not gonna get it. Give it up and move on. That temporary cut will be much better than a permanent scar.

I realized how stupid I was,
for only hoping and not doing something to at least try and make it come true. All I did? sit at the corner and emo like a useless pathetic kid. I guess I'm not grown up enough... Still that childish Xander who only knows how to cry and ask instead of doing something to get it myself. If you insist on hoping, don't hide in a corner and HOPE. GO DO SOMETHING TO GET WHAT YOU HOPE FOR! This world is a cruel place, you're only gonna get hurt if you sit down and hope. Even if you don't get it, at least you know you tried.

I realized how stupid I was,
for ignoring my friends feelings and trust. Friends are there to help, to trust, to talk to. All I've did to them is just show them stupid emo messages on my gtalk personal message and show them a half-dead zombiefied face. Actions which made them worried and sad. I'm so sorry. Trust your friends, talk to them when you have problems. There's no point in keeping everything to yourself because they will eventually know what is going on soon enough. Why not let it out and feel more comfortable? Bottling up will only get people to worry and you to feel sorry.

and finally, I realized how stupid all of us are,
for falling in to the traps of love, the complicated feelings that hurts so many people if not handled in the correct way. Well, I don't think we can change anything here. We will always fall into this trap... It's inevitable to fall for some one. It's natural to long for a relationship. It's impossible to avoid it for our hearts are stronger than our mind. Feelings will always give a bigger influence to us compared to logical thinking. Especially the feeling of liking some one, It totally over-writes any logical thinking we have and make us do/think stupid things. If we can't avoid it then what do we do? Nothing!!! Take every moment spent with your love one as a blessing, treasure it !!! Feel blessed for being able to have your loved one loving you back !! You don't know how many sad souls out there are longing to have that. Take every rejection/break-up/heart break as a learning experience. Learn what went wrong and what can you do better in the future. The pain will obviously be unavoidable but it's the pain that teaches us to learn and remember!!

Well, I guess that's it. Some people may disagree on what I'm writing(not like theres a lot of people reading my blog anyway...). But hey, its my life... This are the things I learn and choose to believe in. Contradictory to your believes? Feel free to discuss with me lor. A friendly discussion will only help us to learn more.

For the people in the gang, happy holidays! Will miss you all!

Friday, December 7, 2007


The sem is over... went out the whole day yesterday..
lunch -> movie -> walk in Vivo-> dinner ->walk in orchard -> drinking in clark quey .
Can say I had fun, but that heavy feeling in my heart just couldn't go away......
Movie sucks.. Watched Golden Compass. Storyline was not very good. Kinda disappointed.
BBQ tonight at West Coast Park, I'll try to enjoy myself.. I promise...

Will be going back to KL on Sunday... haven't bought ticket... hopefully there are still places....
Holidays!!! Wont be seeing a lot of people for at least 1 month.... Wont be Dotaing with a lot of people for at least 1 month.... Doubt I'll get any quality draft games back in KL.. unless Kev's team needs a sub for practices... which I highly doubt so. =D

Lol, have this habit of ending my posts with lousy emo rhymes... Contradicting to what many people think, whatever I write in italics MAY or MAY NOT be true.... You guys go ahead and guess bah.... =)

Both of you seem so close,

even others noticed it,
is it really him you chose?
or is it only a rumour and I should ignore it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Last paper today.... happy its finally over... sad because I'm most probably not gonna do well.


"When sumone is stress enough, they will think of the ones they love
But do they think of the ones that love them?"

Quoted from Chubby@Jun Yen

Will you think off me when you are sad?
And share the problems that made you feel bad.
Will you think off me when you feel glad?
And share with me the wonderful feelings that you had.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


My biological clock is pretty screwed up.... I can't sleep during the nite anymore... sigh....
Its always sleep at sunrise and wake up in the middle of the afternoon....
At least I do some studying when I'm awake at night..... I use to Dota or play other games when I'm awake at night... I guess I'm proud that I can actually change that to studying.... Sadly, its too late for this sem... I'm most probably not gonna do well in my last 2 papers....... hopefully I'll be able to maintain my CAP... Anymore lower and its bye bye NUS... =(