Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was checking my schedule to see what classes i had tomorrow when i realized my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are screwed up. This is due to my inability to organize my timetable properly and I'm gonna be damn busy for this 3 days. I will be out from 10-5 on Mondays(if i have lab) and Tuesdays, 9-3 on Wednesdays. The problem here is, I dont have any breaks in between for Mondays and Wednesdays. It means i either have to eat in class or find a way to que, order and eat in 10 minutes time.

There are breaks in between for my Tuesdays, BUT i had to arrange my classes so that i have 1-2 hours breaks in between ALL of my classes. So its like, 9-12 class, 12-2 break, 2-3 class, 3-4 break and finally 4-5 class. With these short breaks, I wont have enough time to go back to my room to rest so that means I'm stuck in Engin Fac the whole day. On the good side, this gives me an excuse to sit down on one of the empty tables to do my tutorials and readings. BORING!!

Thank God I'm quite free during Thursdays and Fridays. only 3 hours of classes each day. Oh well, 2 and a half more months and this is over.....

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Just came back from an event that IRC where involve in, ISN(International Students Night). The event officially ended at 10pm but us exco members have to stay back to do some stuff.

Overall its a good event with many good performances. I wish i could have taken pictures to post up but we weren't allowed to take pictures or videos around the stage. In my opinion, the wushu cum dance performance by the Chinese from the KE7 team was very good. I just love dance performances that follows a story, and the fight scenes were pretty good too. The Mauritius performers also did a very good job in getting the crowd high.

MSL also performed, and performed well they did. Its a shame they didn't win anything. From what I can see, they definitely deserved to win the "most beautiful group" award which went to Pakistan. Pakistan did have a lot of costumes in their fashion show but their colours where a bit dull. What MSL had was a colourful mix of costumes that represents the diversity of the people in Malaysia. The colours we had were definitely more pleasing to do eye when compared to the Pakistanis(no offence ar, telling truth only). Oh well, MSL did a good job with the choir performance, singing Gemilang and Sejahtera Malaysia very well indeed. A big kudos to the effort these people put in.

Other prizes included "most informative" and "most interactive". The Sri Lankans brought home the "most informative" prize and the Chinese people got the "most interactive" prize. The funny thing is, the emcee announced that the people from PRC won the prize not knowing that not all of the people performing for the Chinese team was from China. They were just a group of Chinese from KE7, some of them were Singaporeans. So there was no representative from their team to go up. Guess what happen next?? The backstage people pushed ME out to take the prize in their place. The crowd clapped when they saw me on stage.... not knowing i didn't even know anybody from the team. I didn't dare look up to the crowd....... kinda felt a bit embarrassed cause a lot of my Malaysian friends where there in the crowd..... Oh well, shit happens.

Its been a long day, I was at UCC from 10am all the way to midnight. Gonna get some sleep now. Night!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seduction style??

Got this off Susan's blog. Was bored....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Ahhh, for the past week my desktop has been down. It wasn't responding and i thought i needed to dismantle it to get the hard disk out for repair. Thankfully it's up and working now, a bit of complications but i manage to get it to work like a new computer.

There is a problem though...... I don't have a lot of things, no Words, no Excel and most importantly, no games!!! I haven't been playing any computer games for the past week!!

Hopefully some kind soul out there would share his warcraft folder with me tomorrow. I need to Dota!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fall of Man U??

Hohoho, earlier this week i made a predictions for the 2 BIG premiership matches for the weekends. The 2 matches were Liverpool v Chelsea and Arsenal v Man United. I predicted a win for Liverpool and Arsenal, or to be exact, i wanted them to win. The reasons? posted in my last post.

The weekends have just passed, both my predictions were spot on. Arsenal completed rather late come back to win. This will definitely be a big blow to Man United, not only they lost a chance to go 9 points clear on the top but the manner of them losing has to be very shocking to the players.

But will this be enough to break their run? Will they start to slip up so both Arsenal and Liverpool can start chasing up? Can't say for sure, but the chances are there. Lets hope they do start dropping points, then the league would be more dramatic towards the end.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Can we make it??

Now, I'm a big Liverpool F.C. fan. I've been supporting them since i started watching football. This season was not a good season for Liverpool. You can't say it's a bad season either, they've been doing very well at home. Apart from the heavy defeats to Arsenal few weeks back, Liverpool were having a great record at home. Ahh, but due to those heavy defeats to Arsenal, they are currently out of contention from both the league cup and the FA cup.

There still in the Champions league, but they begin the knock-out phase with defending champions Barcelona as their opponents. In the league, they're just lying at a disappointing 3rd. They obviously could have been closer to the leaders, MU if they didnt have that torrid away record. It's like they are losing every single game at home.

Recently they're beginning to find their form away from home, apart from a 0-1 defeat at Blackburn, they're doing a great job. And today, They've beaten Chelsea 2-0 at Anfield, cutting the gap with Chelsea to 5 points.
Pennant scoring Liverpool's 2nd goal.

Now on my msn nick I've been declaring my wish for Arsenal to win MU tomorrow night. A lot of people have been asking me why, most of them Liverpool fans. Yea I know, if MU wins, it makes the 3rd spot safer. BUT, if Arsenal wins, MU drop points. And if MU, who are having a good run, gets knocked up, they may start conceding more points in the near future. Looking at the table, it's not impossible for Liverpool to catch them. It's now only 11 points with MU having a game in hand(with Arsenal). Think about it, MU haven't visited Anfield yet and if MU crashes tomorrow night, they may also drop points in Anfield.

Many people will tell me it's impossible, but hey, nothing is impossible. Not to me at least, not to all those Liverpool fans out there.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


This is not my 1st post.... I accidentally deleted the blog with my 2 other LONG posts in it. It 's been a few weeks since i did that and wat better time to reopen the blog then now when I'm stuck here in the room.

I'm currently down with chicken pox and I'm being quarantined in a room at GSA. I was in a
room at the 13th floor. Beautiful it was, it had a tv, bath-tub, aircon in the living room, aircon in the bedroom, queensize bed, good view, it was a damn good place to stay. oo wait i got pics.

See, not bad right? Looks like one of those hotel rooms. Yea, i was kinda enjoying it for awhile. Then they moved me to the bottom ground. The person on the phone told me they changed the room for the convenience of girlfriend to bring me food. Yea right, the lady that helped me moved told me they had special guests and needed to use that room.

And so I'm here in another room in GSA, ground floor now. The room totally sucks when compared to the other one. No tv, no aircon and the toilet..... is for handicapped people.

Its currently at night and my phone does not take good pictures at night so I wont be posting up pics on the room now. Maybe later, if I'm not too lazy.

Oh well, time to sleep. Nitez peeps.