Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The beginning of the end...

The 1st day of my Final year in uni has just ended. Classes this sem are kinda spread out.... I have classes everyday but only 2 hours of class for 3 days. I guess that's good for my FYP. My Monday is kind of crappy. 9-11 and then break all the way to 4. If I was still staying in PGP this wouldn't be a big problem. Now I'm staying off campus and I don't own a laptop so I don't really have anywhere to go. Hopefully can keep myself busy during that period. =(

Met with my supervisor last Saturday. Seemed like a nice young Indian. My topic for FYP is Mechanical Properties of Dentine so my lab and experiments will be mostly based in the dentistry department. Supposed to meet my supervisor again today but he hasn't replied my email on when to meet. Hopefully everything goes well and I'm able to get an idea on how busy I will be for this sem.

Exams are scarce for this semester. Only 3 final papers and no mid-terms. But I have quite a lot of essays to do so that may be a problem. Then again, I like essays more than final exams.

Film and History is a great module. The lecturers are very good speakers and they've manage to keep me awake through out the whole lecture. In addition, movies will be screen every week. Yes, EVERY WEEK! So I'll be watching a total of 12 movies through out the sem. Most of the movies are old ones and some we haven't even heard of but I believe each of the movie will be interesting to watch. Watched Memento today. A great show in my opinion. Really keeps you thinking and the way the show is filmed is great. The story is mainly about this guy who suffer's from short term memory lost after an accident. He can remember everything before the accident but anything after just fades away after awhile. The way they show the film is divided to 2 parts. 1 is from the future and 1 the past and the future will keep reversing while the past will keep going forward until in the end both stories joint up to reveal the REAL story behind. Confusing yes, you have to watch it to really understand. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the great director that brought us Dark knight. I highly recommend Memento to anybody that likes movies that make you think.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Choosing modules is not fun at all....

I need 1 more GEM and 3 more breadth/UE for the whole next year... Means I need to choose 4 modules that totally no relation to my Major... I totally have no idea on what to take.

On the bright side, I'm still left with 3 S/U so I can S/U 3 out of that 4 modules...

So any suggestions on what to take? =D