Tuesday, September 28, 2010

stop.... please stop....... dont make it more painful than it already is..........

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kim Jong Kook - Don't Be Good To Me

sometimes... all i can do is laugh it off..... it's ok, everything will be fine..... eventually... it will... it will...

schedule of the week:
29th sept - G.Na fansign... looking forward to seeing this girl in person.. shake her hand if i can, get her autograph and listen to her live...

2nd oct - Klub... clubbing with korean songs.. it's gonna be epic, will be going with a group of sones.. drinks, music, good company.. what more can you ask for?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tiffany - 나 혼자서

제발 모른 체 지나가요
제발 눈길도 주지마요
모래바람같은 날들에
아무것도 내게 주지마요

내 마음 하나 접어두고
내 눈물하나 숨겨두고
처음 본것처럼 낯선 사람처럼
지나가요 그래야만해요

나 혼자서 사랑을 말하고
사랑을 보내고
혼자쌓은 추억에 겹겹히 눈물이 베여
먼곳에 있어도 그대 행복하길
나의 사랑을 가슴깊이 묻어요

다음 세상 우리 태어나면
그땐 사랑으로 마주봐요
운명앞에 힘없이 지는 일
두 번 다시 없게 태어나요

나 그대앞에 꽃이되고
나 그대위해 노래하고
한사람 여자로
한 남자 여인으로
그대곁에 늘 살고 싶어요

나혼자서 사랑을 말하고
사랑을 보내고
혼자쌓은 추억에 겹겹히 눈물이 베여
먼곳에 있어도 그대 행복하길
나의 사랑을 가슴속 깊이

아파도 아파져도
절대난 울지 않아요
마음의 사랑을 이별이 없음이
이 삶이 끝나고 다음 세상에 우리
꼭 사랑해요 꼭 사랑해요 우리

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Becoming sick of the phrase "Only Singaporean or PR need apply". Fucking retarded

Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm finally gonna be able to see them... Cat1 standing ticket with me now... after 16 hours at 313 Somerset..

It's my first time queuing for something so big. Apart from the terrible management by Prooflabel which I rather not write about, I felt the whole overnight thing was a pretty good experience. Got to know a lot of people, learned a thing or two about crowd management (thanks to the failure of Prooflabel) and I've got my ticket!

Believe me, I will never be able to get my ticket at cost price if I didn't stay overnight. Even by staying, my "random" queue number of 2262 will not even come close of snagging me a ticket. Luckily the 138 group (138 being the number of all the Oh! jerseys added up together and yes, Fany's 0 is included), had enough people over there to buy just enough tickets for all of us that stayed overnight. It was a bit sad that some people in our group that couldn't stay overnight with us didn't get their tickets but we did what we could and rest assured we will still paint the concert venue pink for our girls.

And just in case people are wondering? When we sones(SNSD fans are called sones, like duh) meet up, we don't only talk about SNSD and kpop. Many other topics come into the conversations too =.=

Well though I did say I wouldn't write anything about Prooflabel's failure.. I still want to share something a fellow sone wrote:

I have my ticket, thanks to the paragon of management and crowd control skills that is Proof Label!

From the events of the past 24 hours, I've drawn many valuable lessons.

1. Behold, the foundation of one of the greatest organizations to grace Singaporean soil : NO HEAD, NO TAIL.

2. It is indeed humanly possible to be inhumanly incompetent.

3. It is possible to be in an OFFICIAL QUEUE and then be given RANDOM QUEUE NUMBERS. Now that's a first, and definitely something to remember.

Proof Label, it is with deepest sincerity that I say to you...you couldn't organize the clothes in your wardrobe, much less an event involving 6 highly respected groups from KOREA, and consequently 6 of the largest and most fervent local fandoms in Singapore.

Do you understand the word 'fandom'? These are groups of people who grin with glee at the sight of the slightest upturned lip of their idols. People who would scream and sing their love and support JUST SO their idols would know they had it.

Obviously, fandom is a new word to you.

You made thousands of hopefuls gather at 313 late a night, thinking that they could have a fair chance in getting a ticket to see their idols next month, then lied to them over and over again, made them sit for hours before telling those in front "oh, you'll be getting randomized queue tags." *applause* - no - *standing ovation*.

The situation last night was so hopelessly ridiculous I cannot even begin to describe it in words, and I know there are countless others who feel the same way.

I would offer you my finger...two, in fact, but that would just lower me down to the level of your absolutely admirable organizational skills.

You have just lost the faith of EVERYONE present at yesterday's event, and quite possibly many more in time to come.

Take our advice. Don't bother trying to 'organize' something like this for us again. Leave it to the professionals

Credits: Khairul from SG sones facebook group

Couldn't have written it any better. Nevertheless, thank you Prooflabel for bringing the girls here. I freaking hope you guys don't do something stupid again and screw the concert up for the 6 bands. We're all already at our limits after that bullshit you put us all through just for the tickets.

Oh by the way.. I'm on the front page of The New Paper.. LOL! Now that's a first.