Thursday, August 26, 2010

a job now would make my life close to perfect now...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I came back from dinner to see the biggest most amazing news I had since my parents told me I could go to Bangkok to see the girls. I was scanning through twitter and there you have it, GIRLS' GENERATION, FT ISLAND, BIG BANG, SHINEE, INFINITE and 1 more group will be coming to Singapore on the 23rd October.

Now I really don't know how to express myself but seriously, the girls are coming.... I never thought I that I could actually see them in Singapore... but this is real..

They announced that 6 korean groups will come 2 weeks ago and when I read the news, I somehow thought that the girls wont be coming because they'll be busy with Japan promotions. So I didn't really expect this.... The news really hit me hard and for a moment I just stared at the computer screen not knowing what to feel or do. Next thing I know I sms-ed my sister to ask her to come online.. mind you I have NEVER EVER sms-ed my sister ever since I came over to Singapore...

The ticket price hasn't been announced yet but I'm sure it wont be cheap.. and I'm pretty sure tickets will be sold out in a blink of an eye. They've only announced 5 of the 6 groups and 4 out that 5 are VERY established korean groups. Big Bang and FT Island are 2 of my favourite male groups. It's like one of the best line-ups I can ever ask for in 1 concert.

They haven't announce the ticket prices yet but I'm going no matter how expensive it is. I'm sorry dad, but it's not something I would miss out for the world (BTW, puding will probably cry for 1 whole month if you don't let her go.. HAHA).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucky Friday the 13th

Last Friday was supposed to be the so-called bad luck "Friday the 13th". Instead it turned out to be the best day of the 2010 so far and I doubt that anything is gonna top it during the remaining time of the year (well unless I get to see SNSD).

It was the first day I managed to catch a kpop act live and it's not only 1 group, it's 2! 4Minute and Beast made their way down for a showcase thanks to Samsung and YOG. Thanks to my lovely friend, I managed to get 2 VIP passes for the event!

Went with my sis and though we were seated pretty far from the stage, we totally enjoyed the show. We watch these girls and boys every week and the internet but seeing them perform live is a whole new experience.

I have always liked 4Minute's songs, all the way from their debut song Hot Issue until the current I My Me Mine. I loved their music but I never really got into the group because frankly speaking, apart from Hyunah, the other members never really appear frequently in variety shows.

Then the 15 year old So Hyun suddenly chopped her long hair down and I started to notice her on stage more often. SHE'S SO CUTE!!! especially when she bobs her head left to right during the "click click" part in I My Me Mine. It was then that I starting taking more interest in the group and at the same period, my friend here suddenly said he wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy S. Coincidentally, on the exact day that he said he was going to buy the phone, Samsung announced that they were going to bring 4Minute and Beast to Singapore and passes are obtainable when a Galaxy S is purchased! Destined? =D

You HAVE to admire the girls whether you are a fan or not. They've been flying continuously between Korea and Japan, performing in showcases and appearing in interviews. They took the time to fly down to Singapore to perform and they didn't just do their normal choreo for their songs. The added a few dance breaks and remixes to their performances and everything went perfectly on stage.

Then there was Beast, the 6-member male group from the same company as 4Minute. I wasn't a big fan and I could only name 3 out of the 6 members but watching them live has probably change my perception on them. The dancing, live vocals, crowd interaction, etc was great.

All in all, me and my sis left Marina Boulevard as very satisfied Kpop fans.

I would like to really thank Mr. Koay Kai Lin for giving me and my sister the opportunity to experience our first live Korean performance. Thanks to you, we're probably gonna spend a lot of money in the future going to any Korean concert in Malaysia or Singapore..

Hahahaha, get back to full health soon my friend. Let's have a drink in the near future.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


ok i'm farking broke.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brighter than gems(or mushroom) Fany Fany Tiffany...

I dont usually do birthday posts for the girls but I believe Tiffany deserves one. I know I am a big Yoona fan and all but if you asked me who is the most inspiring and motivational figure in Girls' Generation? The answer has to be Tiffany.

This girl at her early teens left her home in the US to pursue her dream to be a singer in Korea. Eventhough she was alone in a foreign country, Tiffany had always been bright, friendly and loud. After 3 years as a trainee in SM Entertainment, she finally debuted with 9 other girls as Girls' Generation/SNSD.
It was supposed to be a dream come true for her but things weren't so bright then. Like other Korean artists, as SNSD fan base grew, so did the number of anti-fans and it's sad to say that Tiffany has picked up the most anti-fans compared with the other girls of SNSD. She was critisized for being rude to her seniors, called clumsy because of her mistakes in performances, and nicknamed Ddilfany (dumb fany) for being bad with the Korean language.
Despite all those hatred diverted towards her, Tiffany never did once showed signs of giving up. All she did was flash that famous smile of hers and try harder to improve on her short-comings. 3 years after her debut, she now speaks perfect Korean. She improved to the extend that she was casted as an MC for Music Core. She no longer makes glaring mistakes on stage because she works harder then the other girls just to perfect her dances.
Read the testimonials from staffs or artists that had met Tiffany before and you'll find it funny that they are people that can actually hate this girl. She's hardworking, lovely, kind-hearted, cheerful, friendly and the list just goes on.

Among the 9 girls, she's the most hardworking one as aknowledged by SNSD's manager himself. Among the 9 girls, she's the one that takes care of the other members the most as aknowledged by the members themselves. Among all idol singers, she's the friendliest one as aknowledged by many people that had a chance to work with her.

She has this amazingly attractive and bubbly voice that just makes you want to listen to her eventhough she's blabbering nonsense. Her vocals are nothing short of amazing.
The media and antis have tried to destroy Tiffany after her debut. It obviously didn't work. She persevered through those hard times and as time passed, antis turned into loyal fans. I've read fan testimonials that they have initially hated Tiffany but the more they know her, they found it hard to not like her. An American born girl who was once hated has changed into a Korean singer that is loved by many.
She's achieved so much and it's all because she worked hard and didn't give up. It's hard to see but this matured girl just turned 21 today.

Happy 21st Birthday
Tiffany Hwang Mi Young!

“It was really brave of her, really. I had my whole family supporting me. They’re here with me right now, but she still doesn’t have her family here and now she’s so big, she’s so huge, here in Korea. And, I think her family would really be happy.” - SNSD Jessica.

“Tiffany cannot lead in dancing or anything but she knows her weakness well, and to improve…for example if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two more hours. So yeah, I was envious of her hard working spirit.” - SNSD Yuri.

“She really studies hard. She became the MC for a music show and she felt proud and studied even harder. Everyday she would study the script and write down things she didn’t know, and ask about words she doesn’t understand and would write down the definitions.” - SNSD Yoona.

“All of my unnies take care of me very well, but Tiffany takes care of me a lot.” - SNSD SeoHyun.

“When I had an eye contact with her randomly, she shows that sweet eye smile. Every time I see that smile, I feel happier. It makes me to smile along side her so hard that my cheekbone starts to hurt” -Inkigayo scriptwriter.

“Aegyoful cute Tiffany. She gave me chocolate, and after the shooting, She sat right next to me on the floor. Not sure why but she looked and smiled happily at my startled expression. So we took this picture, and took another one using my cell phone. She’s really cheerful and kind. Probably that was a part her training…but it’s hard to find someone kind and good mannered like her these days. I just want to say I was honored that we shared a lengthy conversation.” - Arena staff member.

“The door opened and Tiffany first came inside the studio. Slim legs and bright smile. She already became a lady from a girl. But the ground shaking sound of “Hello!”, her unique greeting is still the same. Without a doubt, Tiffany has the sincerest greeting manner among idol singers I have seen. Not only that she really actively participates in the interviews. Well, half of things she talks about is on herself, but for another half, she talks about how good other members are before anyone.” - Interviewer from 10 Asia.

“SNSD members are all nice. Especially Tiffany and Sunny are examples of really nice young adults, which is kind of hard to find these days. They are like angels. I should have known it from the last photo-shoot I had with them. Those two greeted 45 staff members individually. Truthfully, this never happens and I would almost say that it’s weird to see such a situation. Tiffany was also very unique. All throughout shooting, she kept advertising for us. I guess she had a phone call during the 1 hour break for lunch. She kept repeating on the phone that everyone here is really nice and fun to work with. That made me feel so thankful, but in addition, she would make and bring coffee for staff members. Usually it would be the staffs who would bring coffee for the idols, so how nice must that have been… Photographer Kim Dongchul was eating a sandwich and she went over there to thank him and give him a little massage. After shooting, Kim Dongchul said, “They are really nice people. I wish I can marry off my son to one of them,” and was full of other good compliments. Tiffany brought a chair for the editor who stood up to organize the charts, and Sunny, who did not have any breakfast herself, handed out sandwiches to all staff members before sitting down to eat herself. I really want to thank the two of them and say that they grew up really well. I remember being really surprised a few weeks ago, on Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Tiffany said that her mother… was not with her anymore. I thought that Tiffany was raised so well inspite of that and would like to see my daughters grow up to be like Tiffany in the future.” - Ceci Fashion Editor.

“Tiffany was the best, she and Yuri really cheered us up. I was holding the reflector for her and was just three feet away from her and I was so tired I murmured ‘oh darn… so tiring…’ then Tiffany looked at me and said ‘It is tiring yes? Hwaiting!! Cheer up!!!’ so I told her she was my favorite and she laughed out loud.” - LG Chocolate Assistant.

“The way Tiffany unnie thinks… She is very mature. Her sense of responsibility is strong as well. There are many things to learn from her.” - SeoHyun.

“I’d like to have Fany’s bright and positive personality. I really like to learn her toughness and positive mind that allow her to persistently overcome any fears.” - Sunny.

“When Tiffany laughs, she laughs so innocently and like a child. But she’s really mature and adult-like. She’s really thoughtful and I think there are lots of things we can learn from her.” - Sooyoung.

“She can shed tears because she went through a lot of pain that people don’t know about.” - Kang Ho Dong during strong heart talking about Tiffany’s pre-debut years.

“Because of my introverted personality, it was really difficult at first but Fany supported me well. She’s younger than me but I learned a lot from her. She’s really hardworking, and it feels comfortable around her.” - Kim Hyesung

“Tiffany has an ability to capture people’s heart.” - Sung ShiKyung

“Tiff is a fighter and that’s what I love most about her, she’s very optimistic too so she’s pretty much the lil’ sis I never had” - Ida ‘DJ Isak’ Simmons.

“‘The one who gives me faith’. When I’m tired I talk to Tiffany unnie, she listens to me and gives me advice and prays for me. When I listen to those words from unnie I start feeling lot better and happier.” - Sulli.

“She is seriously one of the most self-less and truly loving friends I’ve ever known or met. She cares so much about every one of you, and she really does pray for all her fans, I think sometimes more than herself. She is a walking angel.” - Jaeson Ma.

And last but not least... "TIFFANY JJANG!" - SNSD leader Kim Taeyeon

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