Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wee!! home for holidays!! At first thought I can study back home because I don't have much to do here... but little did I know that I would rather lie down and stare cocks than picking up my book to read.....

Reached KL at about 6pm on Saturday. Meng Tat picked me up and we headed straight to Shen Yin's condo for BBQ with the S9 gang. The BBQ was good, took a bit of time to get the fire started but food was great!! Thanks to Shen Yin and her mom for marinating the chicken and preparing the other food! After eating and cleaning up, we headed to the swimming pool to sit and chat. The swimming pool has a beautiful view. Very romantic place to be in lor. Well, there's a pool... and there's Quek.... 1 thing was bound to happen eventually.... Ended up most of us got wet and thrown in the pool.... I was wearing jeans some more.. GG... Luckily we brought extra clothes. Ended the night watching MU trash Newcastle at a mamak store.

The next day I went for futsal with Darren. Played halfway without shoes because my shoes couldnt take it anymore.... After futsal, went out for dinner with Kev and Ed. Had a good chat with both of them. Ended the night with 2 draft games on GGC with Kev. The last 1 was against ks-papaxiong, ks-ice, d4rkw1sh and 2 more of their friends. Played a gosu solo lane zeus against ck and lina! but started to feed when lina lvl 6. It was downhill from then.
Conclusion for that game?
Necrolyte > treant and cw

Things to do before the holidays are over :
1. Get new football shoes.
2. Get another shoe for miscellanous sports
3. Revise a bit? lol

Friday, February 22, 2008

Going home....

Haven't been updating often lately.... mainly because my life is a boring life. For the past few weeks it has been only eat, sleep, class (which I nearly almost skip all the time), dota and other computer games.

Valentines day this year was spent with a group of friends! Great company. Had fun. Spent a lot but once in awhile ok la. Went to Haagen-daaz first, then off to Cha-cha-cha, a mexican restaurant in Holland Village. Food is good, portion quite big. After dinner we headed to Eski bar just to have a drink and chat. The waiter serving us was extremely lame!!! His jokes are almost instantaneous!! Went back at about 1 something. Couldn't make it in time to join the other guys for beer. Pics can be seen at Xiao Chen's blog or my facebook.

Been very lazy this semester. Somehow I just can't get the sienness out of my system..... I hesitate to go to class all the time. I do skip class quite often last time... but normally I'll be thinking of whether I want to skip or not. Now is the other way round... I'm always thinking of whether I should go in the first place. This week i skipped 4 out of my 7 lectures!! Studies been quite bad.. I'm just too lazy to read my notes... I'm really far behind now...

MSL organized a reunion dinner today to celebrate chinese new year. I would say the event isn't as good as the past MSL events but its still great to be able to spend some time with those people that you don't normally see. Congrats to the organizing committee, thanks for spending time preparing for the event.

Mid-term break next week. Will be going back for the whole week. Hopefully can catch some quality study time back home... since my computer sucks there I wont be able to do much with it anyways.


Listening to the wrong song at a wrong time can be very destructive to ones heart...........

Sunday, February 10, 2008

And Studies Starts (really starts...)

Time really flies... The 3rd day of CNY is already over... Went back to Kampar on the Eve of CNY till this morning. There wasn't any CNY mood back in Kampar this year.. My Grandpa just passed away a few months ago and the family decided not to have any celebrations. For 2 whole days we did nothing but eat and watch a HK drama.... My aunt brought back DVD's for a 20 episode drama. Forget the name... interesting story line but very long winded... Sigh... spent CNY back in hometown watching drama wei.... so weird.. just didnt feel right without the Angpows and gambling.....

Had a small gathering at my Uncle's house during dinner just now. Again I didn't gamble. This time I didn't feel like gambling. Just wasn't in the mood. Gathered some Angpows though....

Will be going back to Singapore tomorrow evening... but before that, S9 gathering!! Will be visiting a few houses before I leave for Singapore. Will confirm gamble tomorrow! Gonna eat all their money before I leave!! Wuahahaha!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lousy Friend......

Sometimes, i really feel that i deserve to be lonely. I look at my list of friends in MSN, there are a few hundreds of people whom I added/added me through out the years since I started using MSN. Out of those few hundreds, how many do I really talk to? Sad to say the number should be no more than 10. The bad thing is, most of them have tried to keep in touch with me! They do send me messages from time to time but because of the terrible schedule I have in NUS, their messages are always not replied.

I have this terrible phobia of starting a conversation with people if its a 1 on 1 conversation. I always have thoughts on what should I say? or what if I'm saying something boring? or what if I'm disturbing him/her? I tend to over complicate the conversation even BEFORE the conversation has started..... and I end up not being able to even start the conversation. Sounds stupid but its seriously happening to me.... Confidence problem perhaps...

I just want to say I'm sorry to those that feel I'm an arrogant ass. Please give me sometime, I'll try to get out of my comfort zone and start messaging people in my contact list!!


Been feeling quite down lately.... I'm not sure what's the reason.. Fatigue? Humid weather? Really not sure... I only know my heart and mind is currently very clouded... Can't seem to think straight at times and I get agitated easily.... Please forgive me if I lose my temper.... but I'm just in one of those emo periods..... Hope the clouds in me will disperse soon....