Saturday, February 27, 2010

Of 2PM, JYP and Jaebum

I never really wanted to write this shit on my blog but it's bothering me and I guess writing it is the best way to get it of my mind.

Now this 2PM and losing their leader fiasco is really getting out of hand. All parties involved in this crappy saga are playing their cards so badly that it's making everything worst.

Basically, everything started with Park Jaebum's unofficial "withdrawal" from 2PM last year due to words he posted on his myspace which were seen as unacceptable by the netizens. Once the fire from the netizens started to die down, everybody thought Jaebum would be allowed to come back to the group. All of a sudden, JYP released an official news saying that Jaebum has officially terminated his contract and has thus withdrawed from 2PM for good. Reason given? It seemed that Jaebum was involved in a "personal mistake" that was so bad even his former members decided it was hard for him to come back into the group.

Fans started to split into a few factions. Some blaming JYP for creating lies and rumours while the others are blaming the other 6 members for not supporting their leader. Personally? I don't think it's write to blame either JYP or the other 6 members yet. Why? These fans and as a matter of fact nearly everyone, does not know what's really going on behind all these crap. How sure are they that JYP is lying? Do they even know what the "personal mistake" made by Jaebum was? So far rumours about drug abuse and causing pregnancy are circulating but there isn't any solid truth on what happened.

1 saved 6? What on earth did Jaebum do the save the other 6 members may I ask? Apparently he left last year because he didn't want the swarm of angry netizens to "hurt" the other members but sorry dude, it was his own mistake that made people angry. As I remembered, he didn't leave to save the group but he left because of his own mistake. He left to save himself so what rubbish is 1 person saved 6?

So now the fans are divided, crying and protesting but none of them are really thinking or trying to see the bigger picture. They're all blinded by their "love" for their idols that it's easy to put the blame on others when maybe he himself deserved this shit.

Jaebum himself is not making things better for everyone. Why keep silent? He's no longer under contract and is free to speak to the public. Shouldn't he give an explanation on what's going on? Or did he do something so bad that he himself is ashamed to speak to the fans? Or is he keeping quiet to "protect" JYP and his ex-members? Full of shit if you ask me. How is keeping quiet and letting rumours spread gonna help anything?

Then there's their managing company JYPE. Frankly speaking, I think JYP has already done what they're supposed to do. They're organizing a Q&A between the remaining 6 members and the fans. They've released as much information as they should (Revealing the "personal mistake" made by Jay will IMO be too much since it's personal and may destroy Jay's image). So basically, if the company is telling the truth, they've already tried to handle the situation to the best of their abilities.

All in all, I feel the fans needs to ask the right questions and to the right people. Jay himself should be pressured to tell the truth, not the other 6 members or the company. If JYP is really all lies and bullshit, then shouldn't Jay reveal the truth? Is he afraid that the other members of 2PM will lose their careers if the truth is revealed?

I think fans forget that groups losing their managing companies does not mean it's the end of the road for them. Shinhwa left SME and have still been strong in the music industry. Members of GOD who left JYPE are also doing pretty well in their own right.

Frankly speaking, I don't really care what happens to 2PM. I've never been a fan of their music because they focus too much on stage choreo instead of vocals. I just hope 2AM is not affected by all these bullshit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2AM - This Song

I love 2AM. Those boys may be lacking in the looks department (Jo Kwon and Changmin are not exactly handsome) but they make it up with amazing vocals.

Going back to Kampar, Perak tomorrow for CNY. Meeting up with my dad's side of the family is good and all but I'm really not looking forward to sleeping there. The weather is really hot the past few days and the place has no air-con! Apart from that, I'm really looking forward to the food and angpaos and food. I think this CNY will be a good one for me because I finally have chance to meet up with many of my friends from college and secondary school. Ever since I went to Singapore, I've never had the chance to meet up with all of my friends during CNY because the holidays are always too short. By the time I come back from my hometown I already have to go back to Singapore. I'm gonna enjoy this while I can, I doubt I'll have the chance once I start working.

Something really funny happened today, not going to elaborate but let's say I made a fool of myself LOL. It's funny how life turns out to be. One day we're all going to look back at the pass and laugh at ourselves for the things we've done. =D

PS: Kara's teaser for their comeback song "Lupin" is looking good. Will they give SNSD a tough fight?

PSS: Sunny performed with the girls on Music Bank today eventhough she was hospitalized for fatigue a few days ago. Poor girl, SME is really overworking their artists.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2AM - Confession of a Friend

Kayaking yesterday was good... Went out the whole day from morning all the way to the night.. I guess it's good to spend time away from my computer for 1 whole day.. Keeps the mind fresh, the only problem is a fresh mind makes you think a lot. lol

Reach home around 12am, played a lame game of Dota after showering and went to bed after that.. It's been so long since I've had a such a good sleep. Slept all the way till the next morning and woke up late for futsal. lol, must have been really tired.. I've rarely had problem waking up for something I want to do even if I've slept for only a few hours... guess the whole day out really took the life out of my already lifeless body...

Been listening to 2AM (when I'm not listening to SNSD =p), great voices.. lovely music.. their songs are all sad love songs though.. haha.

There's this bond that connects both of us. It's as if there is an unbreakable string between us. You holding it with your hand while the string is deeply attached to my heart. At times you will pull the string softly, slowly luring me closer to you but once I get too close you will push me away so hard until I am all the way at the end of the string. When my heart is hanging at the end of the string.. it hurts so bad.... it's as if the whole world is pulling at my heart trying to remove it from my very body. Then you start tugging at the string again softly as if asking me to go back.. and once again you push me back to the end...

I've tried to let go but I can't. The string is embedded to deeply into my heart... The only way to end this pain is for you to let me go.... Please let me go... Release that string from your hand, throw it into the sea for all I care... Just please... let me go...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Girls' Generation - Oh!

Been kinda neglecting my blog because I write stuff on twitter now. It's so easy in twitter, short and simple compared to here where I feel obliged to write something longer as there is no word limit.

Back in Singapore for a week to settle my stuff. Every thing is more or less done now. Will be going back to Malaysia this coming Monday!

Went to NUS career fair today, submitted quite a few of my resumes. I doubt the bigger more establish companies will short-list me though, my resume ain't exactly attractive. Engineering companies aside, what caught my attention was the Sentosa Resort booth. Seems they're taking in quite a number of people for the casino and working as a dealer/croupier would definitely be interesting. Problem is it's shift work and working days may include public holidays and weekend. Oh well, I'll just send in my application just for fun.

Kayaking on Saturday with MSL! The last time I kayaked was all the back in Langkawi with the Taylors gang. Gila lama tu.. Hope the weather doesn't screw up though...

Final note, the new album for SNSD? Dae Bak!! Topping charts just moments after being released online. All 9 new songs has made it into various online Korean charts! Frankly speaking, their main song in the album "Oh!" is not as good as "Gee" but then again, "Gee" set a bar so high that it'll take something very special to surpass. Apart from that, it's still addictive and like many other Korean songs, has the ability to make you feel "man this song sucks" the first time you listen to it BUT it get's stuck in your head the next few times you hear it. Overall, the album consist of 11 songs. 8 newly released songs + a song they sang in a drama OST + 2 of their songs that dominated 2009 (Gee and Tell Me Your Wish). Worth every cent for the original CD no?

Support originals! To hell with piracy! XD