Saturday, July 24, 2010

Was supposed to...


I was supposed to be in Bangkok.

I was supposed to meet up with fellow Singaporean and Malaysian Sones.

I was supposed to que up with thousands of people to enter Impact Arena, Bangkok.

I was supposed to wave a pink lightstick like a fanatic.

I was supposed to join in the sea of pink balloons.

I was supposed to scream out fan chants with thousands of other Sones.

I was supposed to lose my voice while trying to get the girl of my dreams to notice my existence.

I was supposed to stand right infront of the stage hoping for any props used on stage be thrown down to my direction.

I was supposed to go crazy and dance along to Gee, Oh and many other songs that feels my life everyday since February 2009.

I was supposed to witness the live the my favourite group choreography that had ever graced the Korean music industry.

I was supposed to be right infront of 9 amazing girls that has light up the lives of millions of people.

I was supposed to meet Girls' Generation.. So Nyuh Shi Dae.. 소녀시대


I was supposed to witness for myself how a powerful voice can come out from a girl so young and cute. I was supposed to meet the ever so bright Seo Ju Hyun.

I was supposed to witness for myself the girl that is widely declared by many other celebraties, the prettiest girl ever to grace the stage. I was supposed to meet the playful yet beautiful Im Yoon Ah.

I was supposed to witness for myself one of the tallest and slimmest girl whom never backs down from food dance on stage. I was supposed to meet the intimidating yet sweet "Shikshin" Choi Soo Young.

I was supposed to witness for myself the flexibility and sexiness of the girl that sleeps with her tongue sticking out. I was supposed to meet the yurisistable black pearl Kwon Yuri.

I was supposed to witness for myself the randomness of the girl that turns serious the moment she starts dancing. I was supposed to meet the dorky dance queen Kim Hyo Yeon.

I was supposed to witness for myself the eye-smile that melted so many guys' hearts. I was supposed to meet the lovely and loud Tiffany Hwang Mi Young.

I was supposed to witness for myself the energetic bunny that has the ability to lift the mood with her voice. I was supposed to meet the cute enery pill Sunny Lee Soon Kyu.

I was supposed to witness for myself the girl that can scream as high as a dolphin and has the ability to day dream anywhere and anytime she feels like it. I was supposed to meet the melted ice princess Jessica Jung Soo Yeon.

I was supposed to witness for myself the kind-hearted leader that lead the girls to where they are eventhough she has a tendency to act as a kid sometimes. I was supposed to meet the dorky but influential Kim Tae Yeon.

It was supposed to be a good day... but it never happened.....

SM family.

a short one... i've noticed this ever since i've been into kpop. the biggest difference between artists from SME and artists from other production companies is stage manners. While other companies (JYP especially) try to make their artists perform "professionally", SME actually gave their artists a bit more freedom. The result? On-the-spot choreo improvisations, random shout-outs in between lyrics and most importantly happy faces laughing while performing.

I'm supposed to attend a concert by 1 of those groups tomorrow..... things didn't go the way I wanted in the end.... Life sucks...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friendster.... and what-ifs

Some people may not even remember Friendster but before Facebook, Friendster was the "in" thing. Back then there was no games or apps for us to waste time on. Just a website solely for keeping us connected with friends.

It's been a few years since I've logged in to Friendster and I really never had the thought of doing so because EVERYONE has switched to Facebook. Out of the blue, a friend of mine said something about having a good time reminiscing while reading her past testimonials from Friendster so I thought maybe I should just log in to see what people wrote about me back then..

I was pretty surprise at what I read though... back in my highscool to college days, nearly everyone included the words "intelligent/smart/clever" or thanked me for helping them in various subjects. I never did hear those words again after leaving Taylor's. No longer am I needed for help in anything relating to academics.. Other than English, I lost confidence in every other subject available.

Then I wonder.. would things had been different if I stayed here to study instead? Friends who asked me for help back then have completed their studies here (mostly with honours) and are happily working. Here I am just barely able to graduate and struggling to find a job.

Ahh... life is just full of "what ifs" right? =)

Yeah, reading those testimonials gave me a hint of regret but I had a good time reading the them. Those funny stuff people say about me and memories of those times spent together was truely worth logging in again. To those who haven't been logging in to friendster, go ahead and spend a few minutes reading your past testimonials... you will definitely end the day smiling (or crying because you miss those times).

PS: 1 thing that I still hear often is the gay comments and the very-talkative-especially-when-the-topic-is-girls... hmmm

Saturday, July 17, 2010

4 minute - I my me mine

I'm supposed to have a lot of things to blog about... graduation.. world cup finals... sucky movies (predators and frozen) and some other stuff.. then again i'm just too lazy.

To summarize, the team I predicted to win the world cup won it. Nuff said bout football. Graduation.. like FINALLY! Lazy to post pictures now cz I dont have it on this lappy.. maybe some other day. Movies? DONT watch predators and frozen in the cinema.. totally wasted my money..

Gonna catch Inception by Christopher Nolan tomorrow, the GENIUS that gave us Dark Knight and Memento (those who haven't watched Memento please do, it's a very good movie. A bit on the psychological side but its good). I hope it's as good as his past movie, movies have been terribly disappointing nowadays.

Gonna leave you with a pic of my new obsession.. The cute Kwon So Hyun from 4minute =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ahhhhh...... I just finished watching Ghana vs Uruguay and I have to say those final seconds of extra-time has to be the most dramatic I've ever seen since I started watching football. Uruguay wont it on penalties but if it wasn't because of Suarez turning into a volleyball player to save his team and Gyan missing the subsequent penalty, Ghana would have deservingly went through.

The game was great, both team had their spells on top and created chances but you have to give credit to Ghana. Went out there as the lowest ranked team left in the tournament but played with so much spirit and determination. The just took over towards the end of the game, their lack of technical ability was obvious but unlike England players, they made up with hard work.

It's just sad that they had to lose on penalties.. Sure they took BAD penalties.. (the penalties was so bad, even I could have saved them), but it's just a cruel way to go out especially after playing a great tournament.

Then there's Luis Suarez incredible save during the final seconds of extra time. Credit him or hate him? If he didn't used BOTH of his hands to do a volleyball block, Ghana would have scored the winning goal. So in exchange of getting sent off, he kept his team in the tournament. Luck played apart because Asamoah Gyan whom already dispatched 2 penalties with relative ease in this tournament crashed his spot-kick towards the crossbar.

IF the penalty had went in, Suarez would probably have nightmares for months to come but instead, Gyan will now be the one having nightmares. Just shows how every second can change the outcome of a person's live in a match. It was one of those "Write the future" moments that Nike was trying to use as an advertisement.

Really wanted Ghana to go all the way and win this thing. Would have been a VERY emotional finals. Guess my dream along with the dreams of all Africa just burned into ashes tonight. Time to just enjoy the rest of the tournament, the quarter-finals have been very exciting so far. Germany vs Argentina will be a very good game if Germany scores first. I'm tipping Argentina to go through though, so far my guesses are all pretty accurate and I hope it continues to be. Would love to see Spain vs Argentina in the semis.