Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Using one of the 4 computers here in the place I'm staying to online =D. Free for customers here. Will be leaving for the mountain very soon. Hope everything will proceed nicely.

I'm not really fit to climb the mountain. Not really ready. Lol. Everything happened so fast. Oh well, hope I can make it. If everything is fine, I'll be down by tomorrow evening.

Will update about the trip more thoroughly once I get back to Singapore lor. No time here.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Currently, my heart is filled with a lot of different feelings. Some of them I'm glad to reveal to the whole world, some I wouldn't even dare to tell my closest friend (not like I have one la). My heart is really clouded now, I want to enjoy the remaining days of my holidays but theres just to big veil covering my heart now.

I'm leaving Singapore for KL tomorrow. Flying to Kota Kinabalu the next day. Will be coming back to Singapore on the 6th or 7th. Hopefully this trip will let me see things clearer and help me clear the feelings that are clouding my heart.

p.s. There is also a happy/glad/touched feeling I'm having for UFO2 and MSL. This feeling is not one of those that I want to get rid off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ok... Harry Potter sucks.. I've never read the books but the movies?? seriously... not worth the money and time. Sure, there's always Hermione but her deep accent really potong stim. Sorry for those Harry Potter fans la, but I'm sure everybody will agree that Order Of the Phoenix sucks. Some more rush there and paid 7SD to watch... zzzzz.. Should have just stayed back in PGP and played badminton or captain's ball.

Just moved in to my permanent room. Those people made me wait from 11am till 7.15pm just to get me my transponder. The excuse? "Sorry, your room under house-keeping". Yea rite, it takes 8 hours just to clean a room. Furthermore, THE ROOM ISNT EVEN CLEAN!!! zzzz..

I'm now staying in Block 9 level 1 room C. It seems to be considerably colder than my previous room but its been raining so I can't really tell whether its gonna be hot or not. The room is really old, the door is ugly, door knob is about to pop out, blinds damn cacated and the side of the sink is kinda moldy... zzzzz

Haven't been dotaing for some time... Haven't had the urge to watch animes also..... Dont know why but nowadays when I stream videos on9.. my mind tends to drift off away from the show..... Can't concentrate....... Hopefully I'll be able to start concentrating on the things I'm doing before the sem officially starts.....need to get good grades this sem... dont wanna disappoint my parents anymore.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Just had our final debrief for UFO2 just now in R6 lounge. Overall, I guess we ended UFO2 with a bang. In my last post, I was complaining about the freshies this year not being so on. Well, I guess they proved me wrong. I was really impressed bout how they've managed to plan the BBQ night so well in such a short period of time. I guess Sentosa really got them to together.

Their cheer that they came up with? FANTASTIC. From what I know, they only had lest than a day to come up with the cheer and practice it. Nevertheless, they did a brilliant job. We seniors were really impressed. When we started singing the song that they wrote, I really felt...... touched.... happy.... I nearly cried. When we went to the basketball court to do the song..... and when we ended with the crazy-head-shaking "we've got love from MSL" song. A lot of people came in and join... The freshies, the seniors..... If I wasnt involved in the head-shaking highness, I would definitely had started crying seeing such a touching scene.

I've never felt so close to other people before, the bonds we had formed due to UFO is so strong, its comparable to the bonds I have with my family. Thinking back on last year when the ratio of senior to freshie was about 1 to 10. I remembered all the troubles we had, manpower, time management, safety, communication and etc..... All the hardships we faced back then... was very well worth it. Being able to experience what I had on the BBQ night, I have no regrets on coming back early for both years and I will definitely will come back for the years to come.

Thank you fellow seniors and also freshies. May our bonds be forever strong and may our family grow!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Its been quite some time since I last updated..... been very busy with UFO (University Freshmen Orientation) organized for Malaysian freshmen here in NUS.

UFO officially started at Tuesday. From that day till today, I have been walking, talking, laughing and trying to remember names a lot. Tiring, but fun nevertheless.

Unfortunately, a few things are making this years UFO not as enjoyable as last years. Sorry to say, but some of the freshmen are really not as "on" as the freshmen last year. In fact, there are some that are quite "chuan". Luckily the freshmen are starting to get turned on, still not as "on" as last year but at least they are making more noise now.

Sentosa tomorrow!! yay, luckily the blister on my leg is healing very fast.... hopefully I can enjoy the beach to the full extend. The blister made me suffer when I was bringing the groups to Vivo to do their stuff on Tuesday.... Was trying very hard not to limp.... some more went to Vivo 2 times with 2 different groups on that same day.... Oh well, was happy nevertheless.

Tired liow.... sleep.... zzzzzzzzz

Friday, July 13, 2007


I was browsing through a few blogs and I kinda feel that mine lacks something very significant when compared to theirs. So I went and checked my blog to see what was missing. Wasn't hard to realize that out of my 50 posts... there were no photos.....

I guess I'm just too lazy to post-up any photos.
I'm too lazy to take out my handphone to snap pics.
I'm too lazy to upload the photos from my handphone to the comp.

Hahaha, seeing how I enjoy looking at other people's photos in their blogs.. I guess I should stop being lazy and start posting-up some photos to... I'll try when I get back to Singapore. xD

I'll be going back to Singapore tomorrow morning. 10am bus....... Will miss a lot of things and people here in Malaysia. Sigh..... NUS................

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Follow Law..

Just finished watching the Singaporean movie "Just Follow LAw". IMHO, its a good show. I like singaporean movies because of how they aim to show whats really going on in their country. The few Singaporean movies I've watched all undoubtly are more meaningful then ordinary movies found in cinemas.

I really prefer to watch a show that aims to teach the audience something rather than watch some good looking robots throw each other in the city. If I were to pay for a movie, I would definitely be more satisfied if I learned something from that movie. And Singaporean movies just has that element of teaching.

Back to the show, Just Follow Law has a good balance of comedy, touching moments and real-life teachings. The acting was good, then again they're just acting like Singaporeans. Which should be easy for them xD. But I was really impress by Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh. The story is about how a superior(Fann) changes body with her employee(Gurmit) after an accident which means Fann has to act like the very rude man and Gurmit has to act like a educated female. Fann really did a good job in her role.

If you haven't watched the show, I recommend that you do. Too lazy or stingy to buy a it? go to this website. Search for Just Follow Law and you should be able to find the show. By the way, for those who don't know the website is a free video streaming site. xD

Will be going back to singapore soon.... Have mixed feelings about it.... sigh

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


argh.. the past few days has been boring...

finished watching Initial D from stage 1 till stage 4 di and I have nothing else to watch. I can't watch one piece because the time it takes to load is just too slow.. the same goes for death note(yes.. i have not finished deathnote yet....zzzz). Naruto and Bleach only comes out during the end of the week...

I got tired of Pirate King online after only playing it for 2-3 weeks... boring game... decided not to start on RO because I'll just end up bored with it again in a week or so. So I've been playing Dota in Blueserver more often recently.... and I'm starting to feel bored of Dota also....

Went to watch Transformers with Kev and Edwin yesterday night. Despite all the good reviews from my friends, I felt it was a bit dissappointing.... sure, its not wrong to say that its better than fantastic 4 and spiderman 3 but then again, both movies are disasters. I'll only give it at most 7/10.. and I'm being generous here. Sure the CGI is impressive and Megan Fox is hawt, but I felt the it had a storyline which was too predictable and the battles are just not nice to watch... The camera moves to fast in battle and it makes the scenes a bit blur.

Sigh... so far this year.. the only movies that make me felt satisfied were Blades of Glory and Shrek 3. The rest? not really to my liking..... but then again.. maybe I prefer comedy rather than action.....

Lets hope Harry Pothead is not as dissappointing.......