Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taylor Alison Swift

ok, I can add Taylor Swift to the list of celebrities that I've seen in the flesh. SHE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I TELL YOU I WAS DAMN HAPPY! HAHA!

Was impromptu but me and a few friends decided to try and catch a glimpse of Taylor before her concert.. Went to her hotel but she wasn't in. After some investigating, we found out she was in Tanglin Mall so we took a cab down. Sadly we missed her and soon after Taylor herself tweeted that she's on the way to Singapore Indoor Stadium to prepare for her concert. We then took cab to the stadium.

A crowd gathered at a barricaded area leading to the staff entrance so we hung out there and waited. 2 white vans carrying the band members arrived first followed by a black mercedes van which Taylor herself was sitting in. The moment she got down the van, she went over the the barricades and started greeting all the fans. The best part was she was carrying her own marker and started signing everything in sight! LOL

At this point I was already pushing my way in through the crowd to the front of the barricades and all the pushing paid off because at a point of time she was standing right infront of me. Sadly, I didn't have ANYTHING with me that could be signed.. I could only watch in envy as she was signing the fanboard of the girl beside me.. An unforgettable experience.. this girl.. so young yet so charismatic and pretty. Amazing

Regretted not watching the concert... Would have been pretty epic

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

supposed to blog about hong kong.. but never really had the mood to write about it... wanted to blog about the movie Shaolin too.. I really have a lot to write about that movie but.. yeah lets just say blogging just isnt fun anymore....

i'm alive, and i'm ok.. cny.. going back to my paternal family's side tmr... i'll try to enjoy cny as much as possible.. =)

속도 모르고 남의 속도 모르고
사랑하는 내 마음도 그댄 모르고 원망하지마
사랑하면서 보내려는 내 마음도
바보같이 모르고 아파하지마
남의 속도 모르고