Friday, March 26, 2010

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Shining Inheritance (Y)
God of Study (Y)

Sorry, side tracks from my stupid life =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Untouchable ft. Narsha - 가슴에 살아

Had my first interview at TECH semiconductor today. Was super nervous, everything went by so fast I didn't even remember what was I asked and what did I answer. I only remembered the interviewer asking me on how to calculate the volumetric flow rate of a fluid.... OMG LAR!! SUCH A SIMPLE QUESTION! I HAD TO GO BLANK AT THE FREAKING MOMENT!! The moment I left the building it just popped into my mind once again... Sian... my brain just had to take a 30 minute break at the wrong moment.

There's supposedly to be another 3 more rounds of interview. I'm not sure whether I'll be called back or not so it's kind of sad. I hate this waiting game where you wait for replies but will only get it if you are shortlisted. I just wished they will let you know if you are rejected. Makes the wait so much less complicated.

I think I got to work on my confidence level, my grades has been crushing my confidence sem after sem I kind of feel very small now when people talk about achievements or results.

Besides the job hunt, accommodation problem is another thing that is going to be a problem. I'm having problem finding prospectives house mates. Everybody either answer's not sure or just plainly ignores me. I can really foresee hiding myself in a small room alone with people I don't know in the unit. My friend offered me a place in Bedok, which is towards the east side. It'll probably be quite a distance to my prospective work places but at least I'm wont be staying alone. The problem is they will need to move in on May and my current contract ends at the end of June. That means I'll have to pay 2 side's rent for 2 months which is pretty painful since I haven't even confirm on my job yet. My friend offered to absorb 1 month but it's still something I have to think about.

Aih, all I can do is pray for everything to fall in place.. my job.. accommodation...... my life...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2AM - I Did Wrong

Went to uni to get an official copy of my transcript today. Can't believe they actually charge SGD10.70 for 2 pieces of paper that shows all my shitty grades for the past 4 and a half years. That's like nearly RM25 for 2 papers =.= . Such a good way to earn money.

Feeling a bit lethargic nowadays, must be the lack of exercise. Thinking of going for daily cycling sessions though. Gotta get my bike serviced before I do that. Hopefully there's soccer this weekend, everybody's so busy now that the end of the sem is approaching.

No luck in job-hunting so far, I think I may actually end up applying to be a teacher. It's not something I loathe and I think I'll enjoy it more than being an engineer. Though it feels like all those years of suffering for my Engineering degree will go to waste if I just end up being a teacher. Ahh... I'll give it some more thought in the next few days.

Computer has been really sluggish lately. Guess it's time to reformat but I'm just too lazy to do it. Guess I'll bear with it until I can't take it anymore.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hyuna - Change

Nice, a Yoona photocard in my Oh! album. Gonna carry it around in my wallet from now on. =DD

Weather's pretty nasty here.. it's hot and humid... damn uncomfortable..

You always have someone on your mind. It'll never be me right?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Of bicycles and butts..

Went for a very refreshing night cycling with the MSL group yesterday night. The event was scheduled from 8pm to 8am but there was a lot of buffer time given in between. I would say we cycled close to 9 hours with two 30-60 mins break in between.

Basically we cycled around the east side of Singapore starting and ending at ECP. Changi Point and a kopitiam in Tampines were 2 of our main rest stops along the route. Nevertheless we managed to stop at various places for awhile to snap some pictures. (Pictures in facebook)

I thoroughly enjoyed our journey because it's been awhile since I've cycled with the wind blowing at your face. The air was pretty fresh as we were mostly closed to the sea. I've been having this bad breathing problem with my nose recently and I cant remember when was the last time my nose was so clear for so long. The environment plus the great company equals happy times.

Happiness aside, cycling for such a long distance and in continuous hours was definitely painful to all of us. Sitting on the bicycle chair for so long is not a joke, I knew my butt would hurt so to prevent it from dying too fast I shifted my body weight towards my hands instead. LOL I ended the journey with not only a pain in the ass but my palms were also hurting badly.

Everything felt better after I woke up from my sleep though, pretty surprised at the rate of recovery. I expected to be stuck in bed because of pain but it isn't really that bad.

Glad I came back in time for the event. =)

혹시 같은 맘 일까 봐
나와 같은 맘 일까 봐
또 다시 기대하고 또 기다리죠
사랑 앞에서 나 오늘도

그대 앞에 또 서성이죠

Kim Jong Kook - Don't be good to me