Friday, September 23, 2011

One Tree Hill

So I'm here in Indonesia.. Ampah, some where in Central Kalimantan.. work related. I've been here a few days and well we don't really have anything to do here during the night. Knowing that, I downloaded Season 7 and 8 of One Tree Hill and started watching again.
I've watched Season 7 before but I stopped so long that I've forgotten the story so I'm rewatching it again. I love One Tree Hill, everything about the show is just so good since the beginning of season 1. I got attracted during season 1 because of the basketball involved and well the soundtrack was just amazing (Gavin Degraw's I don't wanna be as a starting track? fucking awesome no?).
I believe the writers of the show are incredibly talented. The great thing about the show is every season sees the characters grow. From Highschool teenagers to grown up adults. And the show is loaded with inspirational quotes and real life situations we can really learn from. After nearly every arc, we get something like a narration at the end of the episodes sometimes in the form of a speech or just a simple conversation but I find most of them to be really meaningful. Things we can really learn and apply. Oh and did I say the soundtracks are fantastic? Every season we get great music and by great I don't mean those meaningless pop or hip hop songs you hear on mainstream radio but songs with meaningful lyrics.
I'm not hooked on it as I was during my uni days (used to spent hours watching continuously) but I'm pretty happy to spend my nights here watching One Tree Hill.
I will buy the box set with all 8 seasons when I get the chance. Let me know if anybody sees it in Singapore or Malaysia ya!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dota 2

Dota 2 isnt out yet... but the world is having the first look at it at Gamescom 2011 via The International, a competition with the prize pool totalling up to USD 1.6 million..

Spent the past 4 days watching the competition every night and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with what valve has done. Graphics has improved but not to the extend of being overly beautified like HoN and they added cute in game speeches lol.

The standard of the games has been amazing. It's the finals now between Ehome and Navi.. we couldn't ask for a better finals. Game 4 now with Navi leading 2-1, past 2 games has been freaking good. Hoping for the next to be as good.

Okays Game 4 starting, bye!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

One of the best dinners of my life

I thought my Kpop madness would die down after i started working... Never did I thought that I was fated to go to another concert that brought the fever back to levels probably even higher than before..

Kpop Heal The World featuring T-ara, Mblaq, Tmax and After school/Orange Caramel. VERY solid line up but tickets just were to expensive for the xiao mei meis and xiao di dis... and the older people would see this as a waste of time because of them wouldnt want to pay the full ticket price just to see 1 of their favourite group.

I predicted hard sales and it really did happened.. soon prices of tickets started to drop and due to some connections we managed to get our cat 2 tickets for a bargain price of $20! or so we thought.. On the final day itself cat 1 tickets were going for as low as $40

As predicted, they were empty cat 1 seats so we moved up from cat 2 to cat 1! LOL and when they starting singing we slowly ended up standing right at the front. I'm not gonna get into the details but lets just say I'm VERY satisfied with what I could see on that day. This is Ultimately the closest to a stage I've ever been in any type of concert. Even closer than standing in the pit for Kpopnight. Sure the quality of performance will never match Kpopnight but the eye candy was amazing.

Seeing After School so close, I can easily conclude that After School is the prettiest girl group out there. Yes even more so than SNSD (Then again, SNSD's strongest appeal to me aren't their looks). I had trouble trying to focus on any of the members of After School because they were all just so amazingly pretty but ultimately Raina's eyes and voice still captivates me the most.. I have a thing for cute eyes hehe.. Seeing Because of You live.. was just like a dream come true.. one of my favourite AS songs.... <3

T-max was up next, pity them.. they're not exactly bad and they have some pretty good songs but people only know them for their BOF OSTs.. Nevertheless, good fan service from the boys, very interactive.

MBLAQ.. lol the girls totally went wild.. Lee Joon tore his shirt.. LOL.. I was busy looking at GO though. Just love his voice and I really think he looks good. He's the type that keeps his shirt on and will either melt you with his voice or make you laugh so hard at his jokes.

Finally, T-ara.. undoubtly the crowd favourite (also because the main population of After School fans decided to boycott the concert because of the stupid management only deciding to add in After School to the line up because ticket sales were slow). At this point we were RIGHT INFRONT of the damn stage. Wasn't hard for me to focus on 1 member though. I had always loved Eunjung.. her voice, her personality, her looks.. everything just attracts me.. Just spent the whole time staring and filming her...

All in all, the concert was good.. I wouldnt say it was worth the initial cat 1 price.. but anything maybe somewhere around SGD120 for cat 1 would be the concerts worth. Enjoyed myself a lot yesterday.

So came the fateful day today.. Few of my friends wanted to stalk T-ara because they knew the girls were flying off 1 am the next day.. so they went to the hotel in the morning just to wait for the girls to go out to play or eat... Little do they know the girls spent the WHOLE day in the hotel.. probably because of the rain and the managers getting worried because of the crowd gathering around the hotel.

The few of us that didn't go in the morning.. decided to meet up for dinner.. some where around the hotel just to see if we were lucky... Met at around 7.30pm at city hall and walked to Conrad Hotel.. Nothing was happening so we decided to walk around to hunt for food.. walked about 30-40 mins before we got an sms saying the girls came out to eat right opposite the hotel. We rushed right over and we saw people crowding outside the restaurant. We on the otherhand just went straight INTO the restaurant to eat. LOL. Eating right beside T-ara.. that feeling was.. amazing.. I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE TASTE OF MY BEEF TERRIYAKI LOLOL.

Had a good view of eunjung, jiyeon and hyomin.. and when they left.. Eunjung and Soyeon waved at us! HAM EUN JUNG SMILED AND WAVED AT USSSS. AND IF YOU'VE SEEN HOW SHE WAVES AND SMILE YOU WOULD KNOW HOW HEART STOPPING THAT MOMENT WAS FOR ME! God I was just so happy during that moment. I would never had thought I would go so crazy over dinner.. haha..

4 groups to add on to the list of live kpop acts i've seen.. Beast is next.. I'm hoping to catch B1A4 in August.. Hopefully some stalking for FT Island when they're here for the Korean Wave Concert.

No pictures or videos because i'm lazy.. I got full eunjung fancams for Bo beep bo beep and I go crazy because of you though.. just lazy to put it here.. LOL


Lets add T-ara, After School, MBLAQ and T-Max to the list of korean groups i've seen live :)

AMAZINGLY FREAKINGLY CLOSE THIS TIME... splitting headache.. gonna upload my 2 eunjung fancams a bit later... and maybe do a longer blog post abt the concert.. it seriously was absolutely great.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6th sense

I have this knack of receiving random info from surroundings randomly.. its like i tend to notice things faster than the people around me... the problem is, when i WANT to find out about things i cant... stuff that i never thought of just pops up in my mind and i'm suddenly realizing things.. most of the times, things that i shouldn't know, or at least i'm better off not knowing about...

i'm not trying to say i'm good or anything but i really do believe i have a very strong sixth sense and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one realizing this as i've mind hacked the people around me (most of the time unintentionally) countless of times.

i've stumbled upon something today... unintentionally of course.. and i do wonder... is this observation skill i have a gift or a curse? because it seems like the more i know about stuff the worst i feel.. especially when i cant really tell anyone about it because no one else realizes anything.. LOL

argh watever.. random mumbling..

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I herd my blog is abandoned.... most probably will stay that way... lost the will to write...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taylor Alison Swift

ok, I can add Taylor Swift to the list of celebrities that I've seen in the flesh. SHE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I TELL YOU I WAS DAMN HAPPY! HAHA!

Was impromptu but me and a few friends decided to try and catch a glimpse of Taylor before her concert.. Went to her hotel but she wasn't in. After some investigating, we found out she was in Tanglin Mall so we took a cab down. Sadly we missed her and soon after Taylor herself tweeted that she's on the way to Singapore Indoor Stadium to prepare for her concert. We then took cab to the stadium.

A crowd gathered at a barricaded area leading to the staff entrance so we hung out there and waited. 2 white vans carrying the band members arrived first followed by a black mercedes van which Taylor herself was sitting in. The moment she got down the van, she went over the the barricades and started greeting all the fans. The best part was she was carrying her own marker and started signing everything in sight! LOL

At this point I was already pushing my way in through the crowd to the front of the barricades and all the pushing paid off because at a point of time she was standing right infront of me. Sadly, I didn't have ANYTHING with me that could be signed.. I could only watch in envy as she was signing the fanboard of the girl beside me.. An unforgettable experience.. this girl.. so young yet so charismatic and pretty. Amazing

Regretted not watching the concert... Would have been pretty epic