Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I remember back in highschool I was a big fan of the WWE (or WWF back then). I still can recall some memorable moments from the show and most of the wrestler's(or actors?) names are still stucked in my head. I've stopped watching WWE since I went to college because I got tired of the dramatic acting. It gets worst week by week. So I've stopped following up the news and updates of the show.

Until just recently, somebody told me a shocking news. A quite well-known WWE wrestler, Chris Benoit(who back then was 1 of my favourites in the show) murdered both his wife and his 7 year old son before killing himself in his own house.

Frankly speaking, after hearing the news... I really don't know what to think or say. How could someone so famous and watched on national television by so many people do this kind of thing?

I offer my condolences to his son Daniel and wife, Nancy. May they rest in piece...........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everybody has something that they are very passionate about. They don't have to be damn good at it but it's just something that they love to do. Something that they would sacrifice a lot of time in doing it. Sad to say, this "something" for me is........ a game..... Yes, you got it right.. I'm very passionate about Dota. Not just Dota.. but i really feel the drive to get involved in competitive Dota.

I remember back when I started Dota. Started playing with a very good friend of mine Kevin back when we were in Form 5. Until now, we still play together and I do believe that Dota is one of the main reason why our bond is so strong. Now, Kevin is quite a well-known player among the Selangor/KL top teams. I did not join him in going competitive games back then mainly because I can't. Parents wont allow me much time on the computer and I can't always go out for practice. Still, I ended up to be quite an above average player.

When I came to NUS, I've been Dotaing more than I have back when I was in college due to the freedom I have. I joined my 1st competition during my 2nd sem too and I found out that I love playing in serious games. I wanted more, but because of this strong feeling of wanting to impress people when I'm playing, I've started to lose my consistency in games. My judgement in games nowadays are slow and shaky. Thus resulting in people not seeing me as a good enough player to be in their team.

When I'm playing alone at home with unknown players online now, I do quite well. No shakyness, no doubts, no stress. With friends? I start thinking too much, "should I stun now or later?", "Ulti when 2 people only.. worth it??", "heal QOP or heal Spec?". By the time I make my decision, Its already too late. 1 second makes a lot of difference in team orientated battles.

Sigh, during this holidays. I've been spending a lot of time watching Kev's team playing with other teams. The more I watched them, the more I want to be 1 of them. Everytime Kev complains about a team mate, I was wishing for him to ask me to play instead but sadly this is not going to happen.

I'm watching a lot of replays for recent tourneys hoping I can learn more. Watching does help... but only on the theory side. I need to actually play in serious draft matches to learn how to apply the things I've learned. Hopefully, when I get back to Singapore, people will start trusting me and invite me for draft games more often......If not, It'll be hard for me to actually improve.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


a VERY BIG Dota tournament is currently held in Klang and I'm stuck at home without a transport.... sien.... big teams from all over Malaysia are playing in the tourney.... please somebody fetch me there tomorrow so I can watch the finals...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

S9 reunion...

ok... it wasnt really a reunion... only 6 of us turn up.... (7 if plus Quek's girlfriend) Yesterday night, Wai Seng decided to get all the S9 students who are still around the area to meet up. As a result, me, Wai Seng, Meng Tat, Quek, Darren and Shen Ying met up for dinner at Mid Valley...

The main reason why so little people turned up is because most of our beloved classmates are now studying overseas... Australia la, US la, UK la.... the remaining ones were just the 6 of us plus Andy and Ling Ying who both couldn't make due to exam and classes... (Good Luck guys, hope 2 of you can do well.. unlike me =D)

The guys I've seen quite often di la.. but I was really happy being able to see Shen Yin after such a long time. Our Miss Piggy of S9 has just graduated and is now an engineer in a Multi-National Company with a reasonably nice starting pay liow....

It's really scary how fast time passes... its been about 3 years since we left Taylors... those studying in UK courses are all getting ready to graduate and start work liow... and pretty soon the rest of us will too. hehe... dunno whether we will still be able to meet up when we're busy working... hopefully boleh..


On to a different topic.... when Darren was fetching me, we were talking about our results and studies in Singapore Uni.. and really... I think 3 of us(including Meng Tat) regretted chosing NUS/NTU as our choices for our studies... 3 of us, were among the top in our class but while the rest are having the greatest of times in their Uni's and are still doing well, we are here in Singapore struggling just to graduate....

Look at Shen Yin.... graduated in lest than 3 years... and WITH HONOURS... most probably 2nd lower or higher... employed even before her final results are out... me and Darren?? A degree with honours is starting to look like it's just a dream... graduate di... dunno can get a job as an engineer or not.... AND we're still stuck for another 2 years in Uni...

Would we have enjoyed our lifes more if we stayed here in Monash/Taylors/Nottingham?
Would our results be much better then what it currently is now?

Sigh... guess we'll never know....

ps: I'm only regretting on the studies and career perspective. I have no regrets on meeting the people in that are so dear to me in NUS, you guys know who you are. Thanks for making my life over there bearable... I would have quit long time ago if it wasn't for all of you.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I was never really a cinema guy... before this holidays, I've missed damn lot of shows that are blockbuster hits and well, a lot of people laugh at me....

What to do.. last time parents strict mar... kenot go out so much.... but during this holidays, since I came back from NUS, I've been watching every single new show available!! (those unknown shows not counted la...)

I've watched Shrek 3, Pirates 3, Blades of Glory and now Fantastic 4.. all in a span of 1 month... as a result of tht... ive been spending really a lot... plus all the dota outings.... gg...

Went to watch the hot Jessica Alba... err I mean Fantastic 4 with Kev, Ed, Kenny and Chee Kin last Saturday.. The show... was not really up to my expectations... sure they were some funny parts and the special effects are nice AND Jessica Alba... but the overall production? Not very good..... In fact, the only thing that made the 9 bucks worth it was.... Jessica Alba! =D

Sigh... I'm gonna end this post with...

I'm broke........

Oh yeah, Jessica Alba is sooooooooo hot!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Chubby, Kai Lin and Su yin came down from Penang!!!!

The past 3 days were filled with fun and laughter!! but writing events about it will probably take a long time... and I'm a lazy person.... =D

summary of the past 3 days:
Sunday - Shrek 3
- BBQ at John's (thx John and Chau!!!)
- overnight at John's

Monday - Klang Bah Kut Teh (Me and Carly sat KTM for more than an hour to go while the others sat car.... evils)
- Sunway Lagoon!!! (not only me!! Su Yin also scared =D)
- 222 Hokkien Mee
- Eye Of Malaysia (Giler lama.. spent about 40 mins in the dumb ferris wheel..)
- Syen's condo (met Mr and Mrs Lim along with the shy sis)
- balik tidur(chubby and kai at jame's, su yin at syen's, me alones... sob sob)

Tuesday - SJ number 1 Rojak (Ok ok nia....)
- Asia Cafe for lunch (food sucks...)
- Low Yat Plaza
- Old town white coffee (needed a place to sit and drink)
- pudu.... (bye bye penang ppl... sobs sobs)
- home....

when I came back.. I straight away went up to my room to sleep... tired.... Dad woke me up at about 9 to eat dinner... strangely... I didnt have the appetite to eat... I ate very little... Not sure why, but I wasnt in the mood to eat. I think I'm starting to miss somebody too much.. =(

Oh well.. back to normal boring life... needs to stay home and save money... broke liow