Monday, December 28, 2009

Kim Yoo Jin / UEE

This has to be the hottest picture of After School's UEE (yes, her stage name is UEE, said out as yui) available now on. =D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And so it ends...

Got our results today, everyone was making a big fuss about it and were practically staring at the screen spamming the login button but I couldn't really care. It gets tiring you know to wait in front of the screen till the very second it is released and then try to spam your way through the heavy traffic because everybody else is trying to log on. I checked 2 hours after it was released and managed to login with only 1 try. Everyone was complaining about the shitty system but if they were just a little less kiasu (like me!) nobody would have burned and fuses trying to check their results. To NUS defence, I think they did a good job with the new ISIS system. Practically everything you need to know is available in there. It's so easy for those kids nowadays and yet they're complaining.

My results? Lets just say it was good enough to end my terrible journey of studying in NUS. Pretty satisfied with my econs but was a bit dissappointed with my Korean. I could have gotten a better grade if I didn't panic during the oral and well to be honest, our play didn't come out well too. No props, no usage of the projector, no audio, no costume... definitely could have done better. Haven't tell my parents though, but they'll probably find out after reading this =p

Anyway, everything is done.. It's all over. Actively looking for jobs now. Been sending out some application the past few days and just have to pray hard something comes my way.

I've got nothing to do this Christmas (eve). Our annual Christmas barbeque was held a few days ago because some of them couldn't make it on the 24th. Any ideas on what to do?

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ahh... I should be updating but I'm really too lazy to write.. there's a lot in my mind and writing them out in details will mean another long wall of text so here's a summary of what's in my mind.

1) Post-Bangkok: Went to Bangkok with my family few days back. Followed a tour so everything was planned out and we just had to follow. It was ok, not my best trip but quite fun. Didn't shop much, I hate to shop.

2) Movies:
2012 - sucky plot, sucky directing, sucky writing, not bad effects
Ninja Assassin - pretty cool fight scenes, sucky plot/directing/writing
Storm warriors - TERRIBLE, too many slow mo fight scenes, disgusting plot/writing/directing
Avatar - Great but not perfect, beautiful background, solid directing, plot and characters looks recycled and some doubtful writing but thats only to over-critical people like me, if watch please watch in 3D, no 3D = stupid you.

3) Football - Benitez will get sacked soon. Nuff said

4)Kpop - Very into After School's "Because of You" now. Without a doubt it will dominate Kcharts for many weeks to come. T-ara's Bo peep is quite funny too, it's not a great song but the repeating bo peep bo peep bo peep is definitely addictive.

5) Girls' Generation/SNSD/So Nyuh Shi Dae - Am really regretting not being in Korea to see the girls' first ever solo concert. According to other Sone's that were present, the girls were epic. All 9 of the girls shined and delivered flawlessly. With that said, if time permits, I'll definitely be going to Bangkok to watch them. Hope to gather other SG sones to tag along. I'm such a fanboy but that's not something I'm embarassed about. I love the girls =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kat rumah

Ok, so I've been neglegting the blog since my exams were over so here's another wall of text.

I've actually wanted to write on many things for the past month but was just too lazy to actually think of the content and structure of the stuff I want to write. I'm actually quite particular about the grammar and spelling of the stuff I write here because I believe it helps keep my English from going rusty.

Firstly, I wanted to write about the big controversy going on between SM Entertainment and Mnet in Korea but that was during my exam period and I really didn't have time to look up on more facts to back up my knowledge of the controversy. I have all the time I need now but I figure there's no point writing an outdated article about the entertainment industry in Korea when everybody that's reading this crap is not interested.

Then there's the post-exam summary on how I did for my Macro. To keep it short, let's just say my fate is decided entirely on the bell-curve now. I've done what I could and I'll just have to wait till the end of this month to see how well/bad I did for the paper.

Ahh, jobs... Been looking at the job market throught JobsDB and I'm seeing a lot of job openings for Engineers but the thing is most of then are looking for experienced engineers or diploma graduates. Have already send in applications to those few that were looking for fresh degree graduates. Hope I get some good news by end of this year.

Going to Bangkok on the 13th. I'm not really into shopping and since we're following a tour, I guess we're gonna be moving from shopping spots to popular landmarks to shopping spots so I'm not particularly excited about that. However it'll be good to spend time with my family on a holiday. =)
The grand finals for SMM Grand Dota Tournament (SGNDT) was held in Melaka last week. For those who don't know, SGNDT is probably the world's biggest Dota LAN tournament in the world with a total prize value of RM135,000. Malaysian teams are required to participate in state qualifiers for places in the grand finals and big teams from around the world were invited to take part in the lucrative event.

China turned out to be the biggest winners of this year's tournament taking first, second and third place with all top 3 teams drafting and playing amazingly well. I watched a few games live via GGTV streams and really thought Kingsurf (Malaysia) had a big chance of taking home gold because of Yamateh's godly performance and Chuan's huge improvements from the past but they lost out to eventual champions sGty in a great game that lasted more than 70 minutes. The game was pretty close and Kingsurf looked to have won the game when Papaxiong stold the opponents relic while they were leading in kills and towers but the Chinese continued playing with great determination and eventually won the game.

After watching a few of the replays of the teams from China, I realized that the Chinese teams are actually very smart and it's no wonder that they took home the top 3 prizes. Their drafted well and stuck to the plan no matter what happened without losing confidence eventhough being down on kills early. Europeans may complain that the way the Chinese (or to some extent, Asians) played were purely based on farming and delaying the game till their DPS is buffed enough to win the game, but it's undeniable that it's the best and most effected way to win a game.

However, the Chinese took farming to a whole new level. It's normal to have 1 player being able to farm incredibly well in a team but having 3 players farming at the same time and all 3 of them are coming out with items at incredible speed is just incredible. The whole team is working as a whole, and everyone is playing their roles to perfection. In the Finals, there was actually fierce 5v5 battle happened in the middle lane and after every hero has spammed EVERY spell and ulti they have, nobody died. Now it may seem like nothing to most people but to us we see it as 10 very smart players in a very skillful and intelligent engagement.

I was disappointed at Kingsurf's lost because Yamateh really played very well through out the tournament but I can't deny that the Chinese teams deserved the top places.