Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heat transfer was horrible.... I spent so much time on this module and it still didn't turn out well..... What is going to happen to those modules that I spent lest time on? Sigh..

3 down... 3 to go....


Am I afraid of what I was in the past?
Romance was never in my intelligence,
Care was never shared enough with people,
Money was never enough to be spent,
Time was never enough for others.
Did I deserved you?

aAm I afraid of who I am now?
Romance is still not in my intelligence,
Jealous of the many competitions,
Tempers always uncontrollable,
Addiction towards gaming.
Do I deserve you?

Am I afraid of what I can't be in the future?
Will I be able to be romantic?
Will I shower you with enough care?
Will I spend the money to make you happy?
Will I dedicate my time to you when you need it?
Will I be strong enough to keep you safe?
Will I be able to control myself and never lose my temper?
Will I be able to give up gaming for you if you wanted me too?
Will I deserve you?

Monday, November 26, 2007


It sucks when your teammates trust you with the super gosu dps and you let them down....

Ok... maybe its my fault that I don't stand back enough and they blink in to hex me 3 times+global sil to stop me from chronoing.... BUT IF THE SKELETON KING IS SO SCARED TO TANK!?!? THEN WHAT AM I TO DO? SEE TOWER DIE? zzzzzzz

Emo.... bad game.....

Credit to the opponents, superb initiation.. Great timing on the hex and global silence. None of them missed their hex and they did it so quick.... I couldn't even see where I am, amazing how they could locate me and click me.
This is probably the longest time period I've ever stayed as a chicken in any game of my Dota history before...... sigh....

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Weather is so damn hot.......
Can't concentrate on studies........
Mood not good......


Friday, November 23, 2007

Lost of words?

After 2 and a half years of memorizing formulas and doing tonnes of calculations... I think I lost the ability to effectively write a good essay. I used to be able to write essay effortlessly. Good ones to mind you. English used to be 1 of my favourite subjects because essays were 1 of my strong points. I always finish my essay with enough time to spare, be it factual or fiction. I just need to write my first paragraph and the rest comes naturally. Things are different now..... I can't seem to write fluently anymore. I stop to think a lot, spellings, grammar, phrases, all which once were a piece of cake now became hard. Today I paused to try to remember how to spell stressful.... Yes, despite me being very stressful nowadays I can't spell it.... zzzzzz

It took me a painfully long 20 minutes just to think what to write for my 1st answer and it turn-out to be a 3 page answer only.... When I was done with the 3 pages, the guy in front of me was writing his 2nd answer booklet... DAMN DEMORALIZING LOR. So I head on to my 2nd question (we are suppose to answer 2 out of 3 questions), and guess what? I couldn't make it in time. I had to jump to the conclusion because I didn't have enough time.... sien daoz.... How did the guy in front of me had enough time to write 2 booklets while I couldn't even make it to the 6th page of my 1st booklet?? =(

Whatever... Over liow....... 2 modules down, 4 more to go....................


I had a dream of you today,
you were talking to me sadly,
it broke my heart to hear you say,
that you wanted to be with him so badly.

I know it is a dream,
but I know it meant something,
because to me it really seems,
that he is really the one you are wanting.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Almost there....

Despite the fact that it is already my third year in NUS, I've just realized that I have never done an academic presentation here before. My last presentation dated way back in my Taylor's days which is a good 4 years back.

Yesterday, I did my very first presentation in NUS. The sky decided to make me shiver more by choosing to rain in the morning. Haha, I was scared.. very scared... I've always had this problem speaking formally in front of a crowd. Just give me the shivers all the time.... Despite the shivers, I think I did ok. A bit of stuttering here and there but well it's done. 50% done for my HR module. Whats left is the final paper which is exactly 2 weeks from now. Yes, my 1st paper is on 22nd November...... zzzzz

Will be presenting my groups design tomorrow. A short Q&A sessions with professors and company representatives and then finally next week will be the big oral presentation where we will present our final proposal to the company in a 1 hour meeting. Hope everything goes well.

Been trying to study for the finals..... Sadly, Heat transfer is being a bitch. The stupid module just does not make sense to me.... sigh... fail?? hope not...