Monday, November 23, 2009

sikit lagi...

Ahh... it's around 12 hours to THE paper.. THE paper that may very well be my LAST paper as an undergraduate or it could also be the paper that will condemn me to another module in NUS...

I've studying A LOT lately and if I was taking this paper 1 or 2 years back I would be pretty damn confident of getting a respectable grade.... but lets be honest, I'm not exactly very bright and I'm studying in a freaking competitive university. As the Chinese saying goes, "After seeing a ghost, it is obvious to be afraid of the dark". I've failed before in this place and I'm REALLY REALLY scared of failing another time.... It's already embarrassing enough to be telling people I'm in my 9th sem because I wasn't able to complete my studies in the normal 8 sems. Adding another sem to that is really beyond my comprehension...

With that said, I'm nervous and scared of the paper but am also freaking excited and happy that its possibly the end..... I don't think I can sleep tonight.. =(

Monday, November 16, 2009


Going through all 12 webcast lectures again... damn boring lar.......... why the hell did I end up with macro instead of micro!! =.=

On a happier thought, exactly 7 more days till my last paper!! Weeeeeeee

Family is going to Bangkok on the 16th or 17th... Not very excited though, we should be in Korea instead.. Can't believe I'm gonna miss 소녀시대's very first solo concert.... To make things worst, the girls will be going to Bangkok sometime in January... WHY CAN'T WE GO TO BANGKOK THEN!?!? RAWR!!

Depending on the time and price of tickets I may consider going to Bangkok again by myself or maybe with some of the soshified people to catch the concert. Lets pray that I will get to see them live!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 week more to go....

Kinda screwed up my oral on Tuesday. The room was so cold and I was pretty damn nervous I was shivering through out the whole session. I was shivering so badly, my partner told me she could feel me shivering in the room. Regretted not bringing a jacket sia..

It was bad but after it was over, I guess we all felt like a heavy blanket has been lifted up from our hearts. We were allowed to go home after finishing our turns for the oral but it's nice to see that most of us stayed back and waited for everyone to finish. Took some pictures after everyone was done. Now I don't normally post up pictures but that's because I don't normally have pictures to put up. Since they send it straight to us on email....

Before the teachers came out

With our teachers

Some of us proceeded to Burger King for dinner and had a good chat. It's funny how we could speak Korean so much more fluently AFTER the oral test. lol

With Ruth, taken in BK using Jian Hua's LG Crystal

The LG Crystal is so damn sexy.. regretted I didn't wait for it to come out before renewing my line.. but then again.. I can't afford it also.. The functions may not be as good as an Iphone but its definitely more attractive. Aih.. lets hope I win the 50k from Mcds so I can get one. =D

The past few days after finishing Korean was spent by watching dramas.. Been watching You're Beautiful and it's a really fun drama to watch. It's like a combination of Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers. Not perfect acting but great chemistry between the casts and a nice OST. Luckily it's currently still airing and only 12 episodes is out so I have to wait till next week to watch episode 13 and 14. Gives me time to study for my last module.

Gonna spend the next few days webcasting macro... aih...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The End

I'm coming to the end of my journey here in NUS. Exactly 2 more weeks and I'm done with the terrible shits of exams, assignments and CAs.

Studying the past few days was pretty productive. I stopped Dotaing for 5 days straight now and it really frees up a lot of time. Of course I'm still watching my shows and hang around in Facebook but removing dota from my life resulted in lots of free time. Then again, I'm not gonna do very well for my 2 modules.

I know I did lots of mistakes in today's Korean test and I'm really nervous about the skit and oral tomorrow. I never liked oral, I've always had trouble with oral tests even if it's English. Thinking about oral reminds me of 1 of my oral tests way back in secondary or primary school, can't really remember when. It was a Malay oral test and I was pretty damn nervous. The moment I sat down in front of my teacher, I saw the word "FAIL" right in front of me. After looking properly, it was actually a file and file is spelt as "fail" in Malay. LoL, bad sign.

I'll be done with Korean the moment the oral test is over tomorrow. Then I'll be left with Macroeconomics. Damn Macro is a stupid module... It started out ok but then it starts getting confusing towards the end. I haven't touched the last few lectures of the module but I have a little less than 2 weeks to focus solely on Macro. Hopefully I'll get enough to pass the module. Even a D would be enough, just don't screw me and get me an F.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


소녀, 사랑을 만나다 - K.Will with 소녀시대 티파니

I just love this song... I felt our dear Tiffany did a much better job here compared to her own single "By Myself". It felt as though she was trying to hard in By Myself but in this song she's just beautiful. K. Will's dreamy vocals helped a lot too though =p

Just finished my last Korean tutorial class yesterday and I felt terrible after class. The moment 박지영(I think it's spelt this way =p) 선생님 told us that it was the final tutorial class with her and thank us for the fun she had through the semester, a rush of sadness and regret came to me. It's really sad for it to end so quickly. Korean tutorials were probably the only tutorials where I enjoyed myself in NUS. I love our 선생님 and the other students in the class. It was a short time and if you think about it we've never really done much but you can't deny that there's a certain bond created from the little interactions we had in class.

I regret not being able to get closer to my classmates. I'm kind of an introvert and it takes time for me to get comfortable in conversing with new people. Obviously I took too long to get comfortable and before I knew it, the semester is ending. We'll all be meeting 1 more time for the final skit and oral presentation next week though, I hope we have time to exchange contacts then. Will really love to keep in touch with some of them.

I'll really miss 박지영 선생님. She's been a wonderful and patient tutor. As I was saying goodbye to her she told me "Sorry for making fun of you all the time, it's been real fun in class" in Korean and that really mad me sad and sorry. I felt sorry that I've been a tad bit lazy in memorizing my vocab and it's sad that I won't be able to see her in level 2 Korean next year because it's my final year. Sigh.. 박지영 선생님이 사랑해요. 보고 싶어요.

Engineer? hmm..........

Sunday, November 1, 2009

내 머리가 나빠서

내 머리가 나빠서 - SS501

We were on a bus on the way to somewhere. We were sitting side by side having a conversation. In the middle of our conversation you lifted my hand over your shoulders and put it onto your head as if asking me to pat you. I figured it was what you wanted so I continue talking with my hand slowly patting your head. Then you leaned forward without a warning and before I could react, I felt your soft lips touching mine. I didn't pull away because deep inside this was what I've always been wishing for.

For years I've been yearning to be the one beside you, to be the one holding you, to be the one kissing you, to be the one loving you. I've endured many heartaches after heartaches seeing you in relationships with other guys but yet my hurting heart chose not to let go. I've already given up hope of being your "one" and chose to be with you as a friend. "As long as she's happy" was all that's in my mind. Kissing you has never crossed my mind in a long time but it is now happening when I'm least expecting it.

I came to my senses after god knows how long and pulled away with a worried look. I really thought it was some kind of sick joke you decided to play on me and was expecting you to burst out in laughter but you never laughed. You did nothing but look into my eyes and then I realized you weren't joking. You then close your eyes and leaned forward again... I followed your actions and soon our lips touch again.. but this time everything disappeared the moment our lips connected.

I open my eyes only to see the blank white ceiling of my room. It was a sick joke after all...


Ok don't think much, those few of you that are reading my blog will probably be thinking too much and start coming up with possible names... Just don't.. I just thought I needed to write this down somewhere and I guess this is what blogs are really for: writing down what's in your mind... So I don't want you guys to get any weird ideas. =)

P.S. Nice one Liverpool, now we're gonna get laughed at by every single BPL club supporters.