Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brief visit back home

Few days back I made a sudden decision to come back to Malaysia for the weekends. I didn't regret coming back though, the moment I reached back to my room I already felt very comfortable. Slept really well the first night I was back.

Had bah kut teh yesterday for lunch. It's just a random store outside my house but nevertheless it's still better than anything you can find in Singapore.. LOL.. Then went off for a mini gathering with my secondary school mates. 9 of us met it (ahh 9, such a wonderful number!) at a Korean restaurant called Woo Ga Chon at Sunway Mentari. Was my first time trying Korean food despite being addicted to the culture for so long.

Since it was the first for most of us, we decided to order a lot of things in small portions so that we can have more variety of food to try. Tried nearly everything I wanted (listing everything out will be a hassle, yeah I'm lazy =p) but didn't manage to try the dukkbokgi because we were too full. Like any other Korean restaurants, the side dishes were refillable so we were practically spamming the waiters for the tofu and mash potatoes that all of us found to be very good. The waiters were a bit blur though, we asked for 4 servings of tofu and they came with 2. We had to keep ordering because they always brought half of what we ordered. My friends didn't like the kimchi though, I kinda liked it. Finished 2 plates of kimchi (the plates of side dishes are very small) all by myself. The meal ended with complimentary watermelons and a cup of sikhye (cold sweet rice drink) from the restaurant.

Will definitely go back though, maybe I should convince my family to go have a try. The price wasn't all that bad and the food was pretty good too, RM28 per person for that amount of food plus the unlimited ban chan (side dishes) is pretty reasonable to me. I may just drop by and have a serving of bbq sam gyup sal alone when I feel like it too =D.

Oh, 1 of the reasons we gathered was to celebrate the birthdays of the April babies (me me me!). 3 of us present that day were born in the month of April. Joyce bought cupcakes with letters on it so we could spell our names using the cupcakes. The cupcakes were great, icing was very sweet but was balanced with the mild taste of the cake. If I wasn't so full I would have eaten 2 =(

After dinner everybody went off to do their own things, me and Ed went off to meet Kev at a mamak. We were supposed to sit for a drink but me and Ed were too full to even drink so we decided to just drop by at FTZ for a little tar kei-ing session. Had fun, went back and once again had a very nice sleep.

Going for Tenji buffet tomorrow! Sigh my parents... 1 moment they're calling me fat, the next moment they tell me they booked a table for buffet LOL.

Will be back in Singapore on Tuesday though... not looking forward to it... NOT AT ALL!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Met up with a big group of NUS people yesterday at Fortune International Buffet for a gathering cum April birthday celebration. I think the food there is really good, the soups for the steamboat was pretty good (though I didn't spend much time on it) and the meat selection for bbq was fantastic. I'm sure everyone agreed that the satay we bbq ourselves that night was the best we can ever find in Singapore.

Good food is one thing but what's important is the people we're sharing it with. Most of us gathered there are final year students and are all just 2 or 3 weeks away from ending their university life. A few other "older" graduated people made up the numbers for the night. You can say all of us had spent our whole Singapore lives knowing each other. It's been a long 4 years for most of them (5 for some of us) and they've all finally coming to a new transition period of their lives.

I think it's safe to say that all of us enjoyed the night. Thank you all for the bag, I've been using my old one for like 4 years now.. haha... and the 2 cards.. lol, I would never had expected any of you to get them for me. Really, thank you.

It's a bit early but Happy birthday to Bobo and Pei Suen too, hope you guys liked your presents as much as I liked mine. =)

To those who didn't make it, it's alright.. we still love you all!

Take care and good luck for your final exams. It's the very last mountain you guys will climb before entering a whole new world. Gambateh! Hwaiting! Jia You!


Sorry, I'm going into fanboi mode right now so you guys can just skip the rest of the post.
For those who don't know, Girls' Generation will have a concert on the 24th of July in Bangkok in conjunction with their 1st Asia tour! and my parents agreed to let me and my sister go to the concert! Everything was confirmed today, flights, hotels, concert tickets! I'm just so happy at the thought of it. To be able to see them live! ARGH!!

I think I've successfully convert my family into a Korean loving family. Before this I had to fight to turn the channel to KBS but now it's on KBS majority of the time even when I'm not home. I'm really surprised they let me and my sis go watch the concert though, I always had this feeling that my parents never liked the idea of spending money for concerts and original stuff. The fact that they just said okay was just wow.

I've always had a soft spot for Into The New World. The fact that it's their debut song, the fact that the girls put in so much effort to release it, the fact that the choreo for that song is the best I've seen so far, the fact that they were all so in sync whenever they're dancing to it, the fact that their vocals were nicely portrayed in it, the fact that all 9 members had a solo part, and finally the fact that the song tells of stepping out into a new world together. To be able to see it live...... =)

One of their earliest ITNW performance. Quality pretty bad but it's the best video to watch them doing the full dance without the camera man doing some fancy zooming in and out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Message

I love Messi.. nuff said.

Elaborating will take me hours and I'm not going to do it. I'm sure many people know why anyway. =)