Friday, May 28, 2010


So my situation isn't so bad after all... a big misunderstanding leading me to some over-reacting. Things are still bad though, just not to the extend of destroying my near-future... I'm just so thankful that the light is starting to shine brighter now.

I'm still hoping that everything else goes well though, my convo.. is VERY important to me not because I'm graduating... but because my parents practically waited for this for so long... I've already delayed it by a year... this MUST happen or else I will never forgive myself for disappointing my parents.

I think I should start feeling grateful for every good thing that happens from now on.. even the small things. To be hammered repeatedly by bad things the past few days has just made me realized that life is really unpredictable, mistakes and bad luck are inevitable.

Some times I forget my parents drop by my blog from time to time... though I should refrain myself from blogging about bad things.... but it's pretty inevitable sometimes.. I need a place to release all these shit and I feel comfortable writing here... (Don't worry dad, not many people reads my blog anyway.. Only my closest friends do, I got nothing to hide from them)

By the way, to those few that reads.. Sorry for worrying you. Everything SHOULD be fine. Thanks for caring. =)

P.S: ESPN got back to me on my job application, asked me to answer a few essay like questions via email. They probably send the email to many other applicants but at least there's progress instead of having no news like my other applications. Really hope this go through, I think I'll enjoy doing research/writing on sports rather than engineering.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Praying for a better tomorrow..

It's been pretty tiring emotionally for me the past few days. So many bad news and things just rushed into my life that I could barely hold myself together. My mind is starting to clear now and I'm just hoping everything will just turn for the good. I guess the movie outing with my friends yesterday did help me calm down a bit. (Just when I thought things are getting better, my mom told me that a relative of mind passed away this morning.. Rest in Peace dear uncle, little time and words were shared between us but those little things will always be remembered)

I'm starting to see light shining on my immigration problems but nothing is confirmed until those ICA people actually reply my email. ITcare people in NUS too better reset my password ASAP because i need to change my mailing address and my passport number in MYISIS.

Somehow got a spot in Daily K-pop News' website as an editor. Wasn't really thinking when I sent in my application. Oh well, since I'm practically checking kpop news everytime I get online, I guess posting and editing a bit of news wouldn't be so bad. It's not like I have anything better to do. Thinking of going back to writing/proof-reading for e-sports too, not sure whether Flash Gaming (formerly Gameworkssg) will be willing to take me back after I abandoned them during my exam periods.. LOL

Guess I'll just concentrate on getting my admin stuff with ICA settled first.

P.S: Bangkok concert postponed.... I don't know how to break the news to my parents after asking them to book the tickets 1 month ago (nobody was injured or dead back then). Kinda hard to break another bad news to them after the immigration incident.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breaking down....

I thought being jobless for half a year was bad... I thought free loading of my parents money for so long was bad.... I never thought it could get any worst... but it just did....

Have you ever had your plans for your whole year (and maybe more) crash down in 1 day just because 1 of VERY stupid mistake?

I'm not going to elaborate yet because I'm REALLY not in the mood... but I just felt like writing something because if I kept everything inside me I would just die anytime...

Like seriously, everything I have been picturing/thinking of for the past few months has just literally disintegrated... it's painful... very painful... God help me...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lee Eun Mi - I have a lover

Pretty emotional song. Listened to the Tae Yeon live version and fell in love with her voice. I first heard Taengoo singing it way back before I learned Korean and back then I never thought of searching up the lyrics for the song. Now that I have a bit of the basics in me, I was able to catch a little of what the lyrics is about and felt something for the song. So I went to search for the exact translation and here is what I got.

I Have a Lover Lyrics (Translated from Korean)

“Are you still alone?” you asked me
And I just laughed
“I am loving someone,
I have someone to love”

You seem to worry about me,
Telling me there is someone
that you would like me to meet
Do you know that
I already have a great lover?
Someone I cherish so much that I have to hide

That person, only I can see him
He is only visible to my eyes
His name will be sealed in my lips forever
Only the tears that fill my eyes know
That the person is you

I don’t want to have him
I don’t want to be greedy
I just want to love him

Do you know that
I already have a great lover?
Someone I cherish so much that I have to hide

That person, only I can see him
He is only visible to my eyes
His name will be sealed in my lips forever
Only the tears that fill my eyes know
That the person is you

You see now.. I am not alone
So don’t worry about me so much
Someday, I’ll introduce him to you
Can you hear the words of the tears that fill my eyes?
They say that that person is you

Amazing right? It's sad that songs with meaningful lyrics like this are slowly disappearing. Here's the video of Tae Yeon's version on Chin Chin. It's without the background music because it's a radio broadcast and the DJ's in the broadcast area will only be able to hear what's broad casted through the headphones. This is from a staff cam from inside the broadcast area so what you're hearing is purely her voice with no other add ons. Another thing to point out is that she was asked to sing spontaneously without preparations. Amazing =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CN Blue - Love Light

Have you ever had this feeling that something you hope does not happen is happening but you're not sure that it's happening? Confusing? lol

Well lets put it this way, there's this scenario that you really hope that will not happen. Then you have this gut feeling that it's going to happen or is already happening. Obviously you'd be curious to know whether this particular scenario is really happening or not but since you'll be heartbroken if it's really happening, you hesitate to investigate further.

So basically it arrives to a situation where apart of you is curious on whether this scenario is happening or not but at the same time another part of you is scared of finding out because if it's really happening you're gonna get an emotional breakdown.

Ok.... I hope I got everyone reading this confused cause I myself am confused by it.. HAHA!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kim Tae Woo - 사랑비

There are some performances that you can never get tired off. This is one of those performances that I'll still be loving 10 years down the road. Had always loved Kim Tae Woo's voice, throw Seo Hyun in with the piano and the orchestra background and you'll get the best live performance of Love Rain.

I realize my embedded youtube videos are always cut at the side.. It has something to do with the layout of the blog but I'm just too lazy to care =p

Kim Tae Woo - 빗물이 내려서

Tried to sleep but was tossing and turning on the bed... Couldn't help but think about how useless my job hunt has been so far. It's been what? 5 months? I don't know but it's a long time and so far I've had only 1 interview which ended up in disaster. As time passes my expected salary has slowly been slowly decreasing... With the conditions for PR changing, it kinda sucks now to have a low pay.

A friend of mine recommended that I worked for Garena. It's a company that runs a gaming platform that connects people around the world forming a giant gaming hub. It's still a small company but it's been steadily growing. I've been involved with Garena ever since it the platform started and it's only been a few years since the platform was open to public.

Hmm.. work for Garena? Interesting.... low pay... but interesting.....

PS. Personal Taste is fantastic, all Son Ye Jin fans should watch it. It's funny, it's sweet and the actors are great. Not to mention having a great OST.