Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quote: A person's trust is like a virginity. Once it is lost, you can never get it back

Went for a movie with Edwin, Kevin (why always go out with these 2 only wan?) and Siang. Watched Narnia at Sunway Pyramid. Stupid show IMO. The storyline is so terrible I wonder why some people can actually say its "not bad". Totally regretted wasting RM11 on it. Went for satay in Damansara Utama after the show. Siang belanja! First time he's actually paying for something since I know him back in secondary school! lol.

Supposed to go for the all-famous pork mee in SS3 for lunch but thanks to Kev who overslept, we couldn't make it on time. Headed to a hawker stall near by to meet up with Chee Kin for a late lunch. After eating we went futsal! Ankle was completely healed, could run and jump without troubles =) . Had bah kut teh after futsal for dinner before going home.

Sad to say but I'm really scared of a lot of things. Flying cockroaches, furry insects, heights and.... DENTISTS!! Parents forced me to go to the dentist today for a check-up and washing. Was damn scared in the car lor.... I've always been afraid of the dentist... or more specifically, the tools used by them.. The session started out very painfully, it seems I have bad brushing habits which leads to bad gum development. After that short painful moment, everything went on fine. Did some fillings because I had 4 holes in my teeth. Now my right side seem a bit overfilled =.= . When I clench my teeth, it feels like my left side is not touching. So uncomfortable now...

Results will be out soon... I really don't know how I did last semester. It seems like a sem where anything can happen... Hopefully I do well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


An evening of friendly futsal in Sunway. Xander and friends from highschool make up a team of 5. 3 teams altogether, they decided to rotate every 7 mins. Evening started out well with Xander in between the post. Some good saves followed up by a blunder which let to a free header for the opponents. Other than that, everything was find.

Rotation took place and soon it was time for them to play again. Third game for them to be exact. Kev was feeling tired hence a swap with Xander took place. Kev is the keeper while Xander in defence. A roungh white shirt guy was on offence for the opposing team. He tried many times to get pass the defence on his own, but Xander has great positioning and manages to fends him off. All was well, until a quick change of pace enables him to catch Xander off guard but Xander manages to recover and catches up to him. The white-shirt guy lifts up his leg getting ready to shoot. Instinctively Xander slides in with his left leg in attempt to block the shot. *BAM* The loud sound of collision follows, a beautiful block it was but it came at a price. The impact was great and the weak ankle of Xander's couldn't take it. A brave attempt to continue playing was futile. The pain was too much for him to bear. Not wanting to risk his ankle anymore, he left the field.

lol, yeah thats pretty much what happened last Saturday. Was enjoying the futsal till this rough guy got pissed at not being able to pass me started letting go wild shots. Those who played with me often knows I always block shots without thinking but really regretted blocking that time. Only played 2 and a half games when the rest had about 6 games. The injury itself wasn't that bad. The pain went off after 2 days and no swelling occur but my left ankle really feels weak now. Need to get an ankle guard soon.

Champions League Football!!! Just finished watching it and I have to say.. Chelsea are one stupid team. Come on man, Riise gave them a free ticket to the finals! Drogba just had to lose his head and get sent off for a stupid throw-in ? Terry just had to slip while shooting the all important deciding penalty that could have ended it all? Anelka, a great goal scorer just had to shoot like a girl in the penalty shoot-out? ZZZZZZZZ

Congrats to Man U for being the champions of Europe for only the third time. XD

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marie Digby?

Firstly, I'M BACK IN MALAYSIA!! weeEE!!

I SAW MARIE DIGBY LIVE!!! Have pictures of her on my phone some more! Not clear but we were really close to her! Can see her face pretty clearly! YAY!!!

Went to One Utama with Kev and Edwin just to see her. Sad to say, I never knew she existed until I saw her live! For those that haven't been keeping in touch with the current music scene(people like me =.=), Marie Digby is a pretty famous singer/composer/song writer who actually got famous through youtube! Go to her youtube profile to see her videos. She's much prettier in person, must be all the make up.

Been watching Initial D again lately... just love the anime. For me, it's one of the best anime I've ever watched. Stage 5 is supposedly coming out this year. Can't wait for it!

Friday, May 9, 2008


My house in Subang was farking robbed yesterday morning. My mom's wallet, handphone and laptop were stolen. I don't know the details but it happened when my whole family were sleeping. It seems the robbers opened the door in my parents room and grabbed my mom's wallet and phone without making a sound at all =.= The table is just right beside my mom's head.... It's amazing how they did not wake my parents up in the process. Point of entry was not known but the robbers went out by the window downstairs. The grills were unscrewed. It was impossible for them to come in through the windows from outside as there was no way to open or unscrew the windows from outside so my family said its most probably the ceiling .

House getting robbed is one thing but the most important thing is nobody got hurt. Thank God my family is safe. Who knows what would have happen if those robbers were insane people.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nearly a month since i wrote... Surprisingly, the main reason is not because of exams but mostly because I'm just plain lazy and my life is really just filled with eat, sleep, anime, dota and study.

My birthday passed last month, celebrated with the other April babies on the night before and on the night of my birthday, celebrated with the 5b gang. Didn't receive the "traditional celebration"(strip and thrown into the fountain) from the guys though. Felt kinda relieved.... and also kinda sad. Feels like they don't really care and didn't want to waste energy on me, but then again thats good cause I don't need to get wet =)
The gang gave me a T-shirt for my birthday! Thanks guys, love the shirt.

Liverpool were eliminated by Chelsea in the Champions League. They played well during the 1st leg at home and was leading by a goal but Riise had to spoil everything and scored an own goal right at the stroke of the final minute (95th minute!). The sad thing is, he wasn't suppose to be playing! He only came on as a sub because Aurelio was injured!

So came the 2nd leg, where the whole team really didn't play like they were professional footballers at all. Terrible control, lousy passes and lazy running. It was only a matter of time for Chelsea to score and they did. Luckily, Liverpool equalized with a goal from Torres. Then came extra-time where another stupid move by another substitute defender gave Chelsea a penalty. Hyypia who came on for the injured Skyrtel early in the game, clumsily slid in and conceded the penalty. It was downhill from then. The match ended 4-3 on aggregate. 2 injuries led to 2 substitute which in turn led to 2 goals..... sigh..

Exams are nearly over..... Had only 3 final papers this semester but my last paper had to fall on the 9th May... My other 2 papers were on the 28th and 29th April. Needed to wait 2 weeks just for my last paper.


Theres been a void in my heart lately, never thought I'd say this... but I really will miss you.