Saturday, April 21, 2007


Funny, dota is starting to become a common activity for celebration for me.

Just like the 1st few hours of New Year, I spent my 1st few hours of my 20th birthday playing dota. =)

Not many people wished me, but hey, they celebrated for me di during the April babies gathering last week. Exam period some more, doesn't really matter if they don't remember due to exams lor. Exam more important! To those that took the time to wish me, thx a lot, you guys know who you are! (though i doubt they know the existence of my blog)

Oh well, just like last year.. and 2 more years to come.. I'm gonna spend the bulk of my birthday times studying.. stupid exams...


Friday, April 20, 2007


I remember once writing how sucky my life in NUS can be. Well, it just got a bit more suckier.

I just found out I lost my wallet... Everything in it is gone.... Malaysian IC and driving license, both my Maybank and DBS atm cards, Debit card, Student pass, Matric card, ez link... money... zzzz

Losing my wallet is already a very troublesome thing, but to lose it in reading week?? 7 days before my first paper?? zzzzz....

There goes my mood for studying.... Dota anyone?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Recently, I have this big craving of playing winning eleven/pro evolution. I have the DVD for the newest pro evolution soccer but for some unknown reason the DVD is not working!! I've been searching high and low in the internet hoping i can download it somewhere but sadly.... all i can find are corrupted files or websites that are long down....

Today, i just cant stand it anymore so i dug up my pile of CDs to find my old version of pro evolution soccer. Its 2 versions older then the current one. Hey, its different but i NEED to play!

Guess itll have to do till i go back to malaysia to get a new cd.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today, senior Thomas and others from FCBC church came to PGP to prepare supper for the MSL people. The group from FCBC have been preparing supper for us during exam periods since my 1st sem here. Thanks people from FCBC!!

Apart from the gathering for supper, MSL also gathered to celebrate birthdays for all April babies. We started celebrating birthdays by the month instead of by the days because we were running out of cash to buy cakes so many times in a month.

Anyway i was 1 of the April babies! Well i thought i was safe from the "tradition" because on our last celebration, there were no casualties. Sadly, they decided to revive the "tradition" today!! After happily blowing the candles and cutting the cake, the guys started dragging me and Boh Siong(correct spelling boh?) to the side and started stripping us!!! The 1st years attacked Boh Siong while the 2nd years attacked me!!! Initially they wanted to throw us into the pond beside the bbq pit but because of the bushes obstructing the path they gave up. Sad for Boh Siong though, they carried him all the way to the pond at the foyer which is more accessible and threw him in. Btw there are other birthday babies too but we were targeted due to our activeness in carrying out the "tradition" in the pass... Guess karma does exist huh. XD

After finally releasing me, I thought I was free already... Mana tahu suddenly they attacked again!! Yea, I was stripped twice tonite. =p Thanks guys!

Hahaha, other than the stripping part, I enjoyed myself tonite. I feel its a very meaningful thing to have a big group of people gathering to celebrate everybody's birthday in the month every month. Thanks a lot people from MSL!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MU fans....

The behavior of MU fans are just plain ridiculous, and I'm not talking about those British fans causing riots in MU matches. I'm talking about MU fans I know here in NUS and back in Malaysia.

These bunch of people are totally ignorant about the feelings and pride that fans of other football club have. Calling you stupid because you support any other club other than MU is just plain dumb. Criticizing every other team even though the fact that their team hasn't wont anything yet is also another thing I find common in these group of people.

Yea, MU is having a good season and undeniably playing very good football. That doesn't give MU fans the right to look down on every single club other than MU. These people will never admit the fact that they haven't wont anything for the past 2 seasons and now when they have a good chance(notice the word chance... THEY STILL HAVENT WONT ANYTHING YET!) to win something, they go around bragging? Go around talking like MU is far more superior? Screw you people!! YOU DON'T HEAR OTHER FANS CRITICIZING YOUR CLUB WHEN YOU GUYS SUCKED FOR THE LAST 2 SEASONS HOR?? CAUSE WE HAVE RESPECT!

Seriously.... MU fans are the most arrogant bunch of people. For the 1st time of the season I'm actually wanting Chelsea to win the league now. At least that will keep those ignorant mouths shut tight for another season.

I know some of you MU fans are good-mannered and I'm sorry if I offended you. The post is not directed towards ALL MU fans. Just MOST of them.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

JB trip!!

Ah.. taking a break from NUS is really relaxing. Since the 1st sem in NUS, I've been constantly playing dota and meeting more friends while doing it(those who say dota is a waste of time, boo to you!). Many of these friends I have not seen before but we still manage to chat a lot through msn.

Few days back, 1 of those friends made an appointment with JB no.1 dota team Kingsurf to play a friendly game with them. Initially, the game was made for my friends team, GT but half of the team was too busy. Ended up, me and another 4 of us went down to JB yesterday.

Me and Miin Kai(Sovereign)started of from PGP around 10 something to meet LC(R-Fist) and Alex(Genesis) in Yih. LC was late because he couldnt find his passport XD. Ended up reaching City Square(in Johor la) at around 12. We quickly ate at some Portuguese Chicken restaurant and rush of to meet LK at Kingsurf.

After meeting up with LK, we realized none of us has a working Malaysian line.... so we couldnt call any of the Kingsurf people. Haha, LC ended up walking a long distance to find a public phone to call his friend.

Here comes the best part, after calling his friend, LC came back to tell us... our 1 o clock appointment... was actually a 1 AM appointment.. GG. We ended up playing some pub games until a few people came and ask for a draft match. I'm not sure whether they are members of the Kingsurf team.. i forget to ask the rest. Played 2 matches, both we lost. Haha, can say we lost the 1st due to bad team coordination(the opponents were superb in coordination) and lost the 2nd... cause we suck. LOL.

After the 2 matches we continued playing a few more games then headed of for dinner. And after dinner we headed back to city square to do a bit of walking/shopping. Didnt buy anything in the end. Lazy to carry back.

Reach back PGP at around 10.30. :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Last minute....

wow.. i made it in time.... its 5.30am and i just finish my philosophy essay which I'm suppose to past up a few hours later. hahaha

I could have finished the essay earlier but i decided to scrap my half written essay to change to another topic. I don't think anybody would dare do this at the very last night before your deadline... Oh well, I managed to finish it.

I believe I could have done better if i had decided to change my topic earlier, there were quite a number of research to be done and doing all the research plus compiling it to a 4 page essay in a matter of few hours is not an easy task. So I rushed through my essay a bit. Again, I wont be expecting a good grade for this essay. Means I'm gonna have to do VERY well in my finals to get my A. sigh....