Thursday, January 14, 2010

bad luck..

Damn.. I really think this year is not going to be a good one. My luck this month is totally terrible. Been playing poker outside with my friends and on Facebook quite often recently and my luck is just unbelievable. Most of my hands are always unsuited cards of 2 and 7, 2 and 8, 3 and J... Cards that are impossible to follow unless you're trying to bluff. Even when I get a good hand like pockets or a straights on the flop I'll lose to a bigger hand. I've lost count on how many times my straights lost to flushes. There was even a game where I had full house on the flop but went on to lose to a 4 of a kind. Gotta minimize my gambling this year... =(

We've finished New Super Mario on Wii! Spent quite a few nights after dinner in Kenneth's house to finish the game. A damn fun game, Wii owners should try it out! It's easier to beat the game with only 2 people as stages may get a bit complicated when 4 are playing but where's the fun in easy games? =D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign

Ahh... looks like my year is not starting really well for me. No luck with job applications and been dead bored here at home. The connection sucks during the afternoons and loading a short MV could take 10 mins.

Somebody save me from this pointless days that I'm going through~~~

Signing off with the lamest thing I've heard since 2010 started:
"What do you call a door seller? Sailor Moon!"
Goo Hara's (Kara) Yoochiri Immature Joke Episode 8 #1

Don't understand it? Try saying it in Chinese or Korean! XD

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 to 2010

So 2009 has finally ended. I would say that 2009 was neither particularly bad nor good. There were many goods and bads that happened through out the year but the most notable thing was me failing "Colors and Vision" which inevitably led me to another semester in NUS. Then again, it was because of me repeating 1 sem that I was able to take Korean 1 which turned out to be 1 of my most enjoyable modules in NUS (didn't get a good grade though).

2009 was also the year that I got into the Korean craze. It was early this year when I first came upon Girls' Generation's Gee and believe it or not, I actually thought it was annoying but the pretty girls from the group caught my eyes leading me to searching more videos of them. Watched their debut single Into The New World and got hook instantly. The more songs I listen to, the more I got addicted to the girls. Which in turn led me to watching every single variety show and dramas that the girls appeared on. One thing led to another and I got hooked on many Korean variety shows and dramas even if the girls are not in. From the girls, I moved on to the other artists and I found myself drawn to Korean music. Doesn't matter whether it's the hot girl groups or the macho guy groups, I love their music and their stage performances.

So how did I spend my last day of 2009?
I went out with the same usual gang that I hang out with to The Curve! Went to Tony Roma's for dinner. Never expected it to be so expensive, caused us 80 bucks per person and there wasn't even any pork ribs. Food wasn't bad but I wouldn't say its very good either. Given a choice, I would not choose to go back to Tony Roma's in Malaysia anymore but I'm still aiming for the pork ribs in Singapore. Watched Sherlock Holmes after dinner. The movie finished nicely at 11.45pm giving us 15 minutes to walk out to watch the fireworks. Fireworks this year wasn't that spectacular but then again, I never did enjoyed fireworks. It always looked the same to me. I guess the highlight for the night was the foam spray. I've always been safe from foam during every countdown but this year the people were merciless. So many people were spraying, it looked like it was snowing the whole time we were out there. To a certain extent, watching white stuff flying down was a pretty nice sight =) Left The Curve right after the fireworks ended and as expected, we were stuck in the jam for about an hour. Ended our night yam cha-ing in a mamak like we always do after every event.

New years day?
Spent the whole afternoon watching Full House with my family and then went out for dinner with the same gang again. Dinner was at some restaurant in Kuchai Lama. Food wasn't very good and was a bit pricy too. 30 bucks per person. Headed off to Kenneth's place to wii after dinner. Played a 4 player Super Mario and had loads of fun. We laughed so much till our heads and stomache started to ache from the laughing. Haven't laughed so much in awhile. Love the Wii, it's probably the only game console that is able to give such enjoyable times to a group of people.