Monday, October 25, 2010

23rd October 2010

Ok, I'm supposed to blog about the concert... I have lots of things to say about it... but i just can't think properly at the moment... having post-concert depression.... don't get me wrong, the concert was nothing short of excellent. The sound system and the venue was a bit bad but this has to be 1 of the biggest concert ever organized in Singapore before.. 7 groups.. 3 rookies with 4 highly established groups... amazing I tell you...

I'll do a more detail post when I'm not feeling so depressed....

For those who are thinking that I should snap back to reality.. let me tell you this.. the reason why I am depressed is because I HAVE SEEN REALITY. Seeing them live was the greatest moment of my life... realizing later that we're of different worlds and I'll never be able to talk to them as equals is just plain depressing.

Friday, October 1, 2010

G.Na - Loving You

Lol.. the song in title.. feel like singing it to G.Na herself after meeting her yesterday.

A big group of us from 138 went for her fansign. Most of us gathered at Bugis to queue during lunch time. Few of them were queuing since 7.30 am so yeah, our group actually got the 2nd spot right behind the main SG G.Na fanclub's group.

All we needed for the fansign was the CD and a receipt to proof that we bought it from Singapore.

Waste of time? No. This girl here is a fantastic singer. Voice, looks, passion, attitude, she's got everything I tell you. Our group consist of hardcore SNSD fans. Half of them wanted to attend the fansign just to get her autograph on the CD to sell it out at an elevated price. After listening to her? Nearly all of them changed their minds and wanted to keep her autograph for themselves.

I was dumbfounded when she was sitting right in front of me signing my booklet. She was so beautiful up close that I couldn't really think straight. She was so busy signing booklets that she barely has the time to look up but she does look up occasionally to smile.. and I was lucky enough to see her smile at me 3 times.. lol, was pretty funny.. my 2 friends in front of me said thank you after receiving her signature and when she look up to acknowledge their thank yous, for some reason she looked at my direction instead of theirs. Probably unintentional but hey, I'm not complaining =p . I couldn't bring myself to say anything when she looked at me though.. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.. haha.. fuck, never thought I would come upon a person so beautiful. Not to mention some one with such an angelic voice. She sounds VERY good live. In fact I think her CD voice isn't as good as her live voice.

For those that are thinking she's fake or plastic? Go fuck yourself. Tired of all these stupid stereotypes on the Korean industry. It's obvious that plastic surgery is more common in the western side now. Accusing them of being plastic just because they're Korean is just fucking retarded. It's just like calling every Muslim a terrorist (no offence intended).

G.Na just debuted like 3 months ago, she's 23 this year but she's gonna make it big. She has the potential to reach the heights of Utada and Ayumi maybe even surpassing them. It's all up to Cube Ent.'s management now. All the best to you girl.