Friday, June 20, 2008

Quote: Men don't cry for themselves, but for their comrades

Accommodation is really starting to be a problem. I've been searching for more than a week now and I still haven't confirmed where I'm going to stay from next month onwards.

It's really funny how naive people can be, a lot of people I know are having the thinking of "cheh, find place to stay only mar, how hard can that be?" Seriously, this people that just sit at home and do nothing should just keep their comments to the minimum and let the people that are searching do their work. It's already freaking stressful having to search for a place for other people what more having people rushing you and giving requests that are simply naive and childish. If you want to say something, come down and search. At least know the situation before talking so much. Seriously, a lot of people are asking me "So long already still haven't find house?" followed up by "you slacking is it?". Not that I mind if it's just a joke, but many do seem to feel that if you want a to get a house, it's just telling agents what you want and the agents will get something EXACTLY like what you ask for. Come on lar, grow up people.

So what so hard about finding a place to stay? Let me list it down based on what I'm going through now:
  1. Agents are selfish people, calling/sms-ing them DOES NOT mean they are going to get back to you. I've talked to so many agents on the phone I lost count and NONE of them have kept on updating me. At most is 1 unit and after that gone. Never to be heard from again.
  2. Getting a suitable house to view, most of the units recommended by agents are over budget or just plain fugly places. Those that actually bother to tend to you are actually desperate to sell their over priced house or ugly places that nobody wants.
  3. The pressure of satisfying everybody in the house. This is why if you want to look for a place to stay, EVERYBODY should go together. It's not easy having all the responsibilty of the next 1 year of comfort for everybody in the house resting on your shoulders. Sure some are working and have something to do, can't blame them... but seriously making a decision for others is not a relaxing thing to do.
  4. Meeting to the demands of housemates. Luckily I don't have this problem, but trying to search for a place for some one that has so many requests is just a pain in the ass. Imagine the stress of having to search,view,choose a place PLUS having housemates that make unreasonable requests like "I WANT CHEAP AND NEAR AND NICE AND NEW AND NOT SO MANY PEOPLE AND bla bla bla". Sure, you want? you find lor. I'll go look for a place that NORMAL people are renting. bye.
  5. Upon viewing, a decision has to be made. Viewing units over here does not mean 1 tenant view. It's more like a battlefield where a few groups of tenants are viewing at the same time. Make a decision a little bit slower and the place is gone, make it too fast and you may regret it for the whole next year. This condition plus all the points above just make the pressure freaking big.
  6. Travelling... wah you thing wat? Agents come pick you up wan ar? NO LAR, have to take bus/cab all the way down to the place. All this adds to daily expenses lor. Not cheap wan leh travel up and down to see houses. =.=
You want to comment about house-hunting? please learn more about the situation first. I don't mean to be rude or anything but if you are not the one searching, just keep quiet... You simply don't know how hard it is.

wah fark, as im typing this... Germany is leading 3-1.. CB I bet 5 bucks on Portugal leh......

Thursday, June 5, 2008

back in sg....

Went out for lunch with the Lim family (mother's side). Went for some famous salted chicken in Salak South. Forget what's the name of the place but the food was good. After lunch we went back to the Lim's residence (house very much as big as John Chan's, maybe smaller but the design here is much more relaxing). Slept the whole afternoon away because I slept at 6am the night before. Woke up just in time for dinner. Went to Klang for more good food. This time it was a place which is famous for their fish heads. Once again I fail to remember the name of the place, but the "siew yuk"(roast pork) was damn gosu! Haven't eating such amazing siew yuk for so long di. The other dishes were damn good too. Will definitely want to go back there. Went back home after dinner.

Dad took us for a buffet lunch in Shangri-La for a VERY belated birthday treat for me. Gila, ate till stomach nearly burst. Oysters FTW!! The desert section has to be the best section for the buffet. So many chocolates!!! Enjoyed the 2 and a half hours there =D. After lunch we stopped by Pyramid to collect my bus ticket. I needed to get my *ahem* games desperately cause I'm heading back to Sg the very next day so I asked my parents to drop me off at Summit on the way home. Haven't been to Summit for so long di, even though it's damn near my house. Walked awhile before I went to buy 2 games and headed back home by foot. Reached home and dropped dead on the bed. Mom woke me up for dinner. Went for Hokkien mee in Jalan 222. Ordered siham! I just love siham, it's just like oysters but smaller and cheaper! Headed home to pack right after dinner.

11am bus back to Singapore. Slept through most of the trip. Nothing much happened after that.


Was watching One Tree Hill and I must say, I really like the show. People that don't watch it for the full 5 seasons (and still running) just disregard it as another teen drama but I feel it's a series where it really teaches people about life. The philosophy, the music, the story, it's all good. The latest episode was a cliffhanger... can't wait for next week's episode to come out!

In the mean time, I'm quite free apart from the house searching. Ask me out please~~~~~