Sunday, January 27, 2008


MY ROOM IS DAMN HOT LOR!!! Stupid ceiling is so high up and they HAD to make the fan that short.... Can't feel any wind from the fan at all lor... To add on, my room is located at a terrible location which has totally NO WIND from the outside no matter how big the window is opened... It's like a freaking sauna here....

Played 2 games right after I woke up today. Wah damn pissed off after the 2 games. What's wrong with people nowadays? If you suck because you just started playing its ok.. but for god's sake please listen to people when they TRY to help you lah. Stubborn and lanci people are the worst kind of people in the gaming community nowadays.. I'm not saying that I'm very pro but please la... it's pretty obvious you're doing something wrong if the whole team is saying it.... sigh... Got really agitated... Think its because of the terrible heat and my hungry stomach.....

ISN rehearsal after food... I think our Dikir Barat improved but we still need to work on the last part..... Hope everything goes well for the performance this coming Friday.

Went to Fong Seng for supper!! I really feel we should keep this weekly supper outing alive until the exam periods... Just sitting down there and chatting for a few hours can really help in releasing all the stress and tension from studies and other stuff....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My skin's starting to peel due to the sunburn after NTUMSA sports day. Spent 2 hours under the hot sun.... Tutorials are starting, lectures are getting confusing. Guess Uni life this sem is gonna be another sien one.

No more MYM for me =( . Some of them decided to split up to form different teams.

Slippers died on me 2 days ago.... Need to get a new pair... Anybody know where to get nice, cheap and durable slippers?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lectures have started.... For the first time in my 3 years here in NUS I sat at the front row... Went late for Engineering Professionalism and the only seats available were those right in front of the lecturer. Even though I was sitting in front, I still couldn't keep myself awake.... Somehow lecture hall's have this sleeping aura that I seems to always affect me.....

Taking 5 modules this semester. Was planning to take 6 initially but I couldn't get the module of my choice so I decided to only take 5.

LAC1201 Chinese 1 =D
ME3251 Materials
EG2401 Engin Pro
ME3102 Design
GEM2900 Understanding bla bla bla

Workload is pretty light if I don't count the assignments and projects. No labs this sem!!

Kev signed me up for MYM Pride 9. Signed up along with Kodak and stormie and a few others I met online through GGC... People that I haven't even seen their faces before but been playing quite often with when I'm back in Malaysia. Team name eMo !!

I need more games.... Been quite busy with InFusion08 during the evenings... sigh.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008


All this while, there has been a lot of things that I regretted doing or not doing.

I don't want to regret anymore... I don't want to look back and only see decisions that I regret making..... I want to look back and think "Yeah, that was a good choice" but how? How is anyone suppose to know which decision is the right one?

Why must life be so complicated?


After every straight road,
A cross road is inevitable,
Why is it not possible to instantly decide,
Which road leads to happiness .

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in Singapore

Uni starts in lest than a week and I'm still not very sure on my final time table... sigh.. the bidding system in NUS is really giving us students headaches even before classes begins....

Just came back to Singapore today. Reached about 5 something. Had dinner and came back to Dota. Lost all 3 games... sien...

Now... have to try to adjust my biological clock back to a normal human beings time... if not I'll be skipping a whole lot of classes...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

In just a blink of an eye, another year has passed. It's amazing how fast time can pass by. Like every other year, 2007 was a year of many happy and sad moments. Hopefully 2008 will be filled with more happy moments!!

Spent the new years eve night with my S9 friends. Had steamboat in Kepong for dinner then headed off to Ling Ying's house at Mutiara Damansara. On the way, Wai Seng's car started to smell like burned rubber so we had to stop to check what happened. It seems the brakes were over used during the jam. Let the car cool downed for awhile and continued our journey.

Reached Ling Ying's house at about 11.30 pm. Since it was so near to 12, we walked out to pick our spot for the fireworks. Ling Ying's place is right beside The Curve so we could get a good look at the fireworks at the housing area. One Utama's fireworks started a few minutes before 12 and we had also had a good view from where we were standing. Normal and short display of fireworks. The Curve started counting down right after the fireworks from One Utama stopped. The fireworks from The Curve was beautiful !! It was really very nice towards the ending. It was probably the best fireworks display I've ever seen and our spot was fantastic. We were not too close and not too far which enable us to see the display clearly without any obstructions and without straining our necks.

After the fireworks, we headed to Ling Ying's place and started to gamble!! Won a little.... RM1 from black jack and RM2.50 from Chor Dai Dee.... At a point I was actually winning RM40 from Chor Dai Dee... Can't believe I screwed up my last few rounds... zzzzz

Ended the night by writing our wishes and resolutions for the new year. Quek will be keeping the papers till next year and we'll see how many happened. =D