Monday, October 26, 2009


What's with Man United not being able to beat Liverpool lately? It's 3 consecutive loses now and Vidic.. LOL at Vidic... losing to a same team 3 times in a row isn't really bad considering the team is a good one but losing AND getting sent of 3 times in a row is totally shingz man.. (Refer to Ris Low for the definition of Shingz.. and to those who don't know who is Ris Low.. where the hell have you been for the past year? Mars?)

Yeah, it was a satisfying win. Liverpool played well as a team. Even Lucasthenoobshit played a quite okay game. If they played half as well as they did against MU, I doubt they would lost the 4 matches in a row. Let's just hope they keep playing like that and just maybe we will win something this season.

Have been looking around the web for job listings lately... One thing very different about Singapore and Malaysia is that people here apply for jobs like VERY early before they graduate. Most of them barely through the 1st semester of their final year have already applied for jobs which means there's more than half a year gap till graduation. In Malaysia, people normally start applying AFTER they graduate... So here I am now, 2 more months till it's all over but without a job application. Tons of people have asked on companies I've applied.. Embarrassingly, I couldn't reply them cause I haven't really start applying. Will start sending in some applications soon though.. need to polish the CV a bit and find suitable openings...

Anybody hiring a slacker? let me know! =D

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's weird that I'm dreaming of you for the past few days now... I can't recall what happens in my dreams but I'm pretty sure you're in it...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2ne1 - I Don't Care

Wah it's been a bad week... Liverpool losing to an inflated beach ball... Us losing a "sure win" competition to 1 ward.... and most importantly, losing my dear mousepad after the competition...

Im not going to even talk about football.. The way Liverpool has been playing, they deserve the lost with or without the beach ball... Nerds

Ahh.. the competition.. Just 2 weeks ago, our dear Stykish came and ask us to join Autumnflux. According to him it's a SURE WIN competition because the amateur category only allows a team consisting of players which adds up to a certain average point. In addition, the prize money is only SGD200 so technically there won't be any pros in the competition... or so we thought.. Formed a last minute team taking a relatively weak player to play as our last...

So on Sunday morning we went in hopes of winning something.. lol.. we ended up losing the first game. Our "sure win" became a first round out.. I had no regrets on the way I played though, in fact I'm pretty happy on the way I played. Our bottom lane was pretty much a 1 sided lane. The problem really lies in the top lane... our "weak" last apparently did not heed our advice to learn how to ward and failed to block the opponents neutral spawn which eventually led to the downfall of their lane and add on some really stupid item choices and movements by him, we ended up losing a game that we thought we would win.

Now losing the competition because of 1 player wasn't really bad. At least I didn't have that "I played like shit and dragged the team down" feeling like I did during IFG. The worst thing was I left my beloved mousepad over at the lanshop. Freaking dumb lor... It's not some cheap RM5 mousepad lor. It's a Steel Series QcK+ which would easily cost about SGD20-30. I've been using it for 3 years and suddenly it's gone... The feeling of playing without it is just so different... damn not used to it.. sigh..

I think I need some one to control me on my daily activities... I'm slacking so much now that I feel really guilty at times. The thing is, I still refuse to do my work eventhough I know I should. I'm not going to do well this sem eventhough I'm only taking 2 modules. I won't fail (or will I?) but I surely wont be getting anything close to an A. I would be really happy with 2 C's because I'm really not putting any effort in it. A little over a month more till the end of everything.. Hopefully I'll start focusing before it's too late...

btw, <3 Sandara Park from 2ne1.. so cute =p

Saturday, October 10, 2009

커피 프린스 1호점

Ahh, it's a good day to wake up early. Ate KFC breakfast which IMO is much better than McD's breakfasts.

Had a good chat with 2 friends that I haven't been talking to for quite sometime. Ok, it hasn't been very long since the last time I talked to 1 of them but she used to complain to me about everything all the time so 1 week without any complains from her feels like a long time lol. I guess no complains is a good thing for her though, hope everything goes smoothly for her.

The other guy is a friend from the same year as me. Had a short chat and I got to know that travelling to Korea isn't really as expensive as I thought it would be. He spent 10 days in Seoul few months back for less than 1.2K SGD including of air tickets and accommodations which to me is really worth it. Heck I spent nearly RM2k just for a week in Kota Kinabalu. Now I'm really interested in going to Korea but I'm not really a solo backpacker kind of person. So anyone wants to tag along? =)

Oh and I'm currently really stuck on Coffee Prince. It's really a fun drama to watch. It's starts off a bit shaky and lame but as the show progresses, the chemistry between Eun Chan and Han Kyul makes the show really likeable. I can see why the ratings for the show are so high in Korea, how can you not fall in love with a show with cast that has such great chemistry together? Definitely a must watch drama if you're a K-drama lover!

Monday, October 5, 2009

소녀시대 - Into the new world

The girls performed during the Chuseok idol special few days back. It's nice to see them perform Into the new world again. Unlike most of the SNSD fans who are not from Korea, I actually fell in love with them through Into the new world instead of Gee.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SNSD Taeyeon & Sunny - 사랑인걸요(It's Love)

It's amazing how many drama's are getting Taeyeon to sing their OST's and it always comes out good. This one is from Heading To The Ground starring "U-Know" Yunho from DBSK. I haven't watch the drama but it seems that it's ratings are very low in Korea.

Nice to see Sunny getting more songs to her name now. People are always talking about Taeyeon, Tiffany or Jessica's voice but in my opinion Sunny has the widest vocal range among all of them.