Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blades of glory!!

Hoho, I watched Blades of Glory with Ed and Kev today! I've gotta say, the show DAMN FUNNY lor!! Some people may find it a bit too gay... but... FUNNY LA!!!

Some scenes will really make you go "OMGWTFBBQ!! WAHAHAHA!!!". A good show overall. Ice skating will never be the same in my mind again. hahaha...
This pic has got to be one of the funniest/disgusting moment how the show(notice the hand?) LOL. You've gotta see the whole scene to actually laugh out loud. Heck, just go watch the whole movie. It'll definitely make you laugh.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Every sem... this is the day i dread the most... the day all our results are released. A lot of people awaits this day eagerly.. but not me... for I know my results will always hang on the below average mark.

Last sem, I've already proved to myself that failing in NUS is definitely impossible(or at least for me), for I recall that I didn't know how to do every single question in my Fluids and Thermo finals. I didnt fail both the subjects.

This sem, I've succeeded in proving that it is impossible to get an A in NUS(definitely for me only). I really thought I could get an A for my Reason and Persuasion, sadly... I could only manage a B+ ..... It was same with my 1st sem where I thought I could get an A for CS1101C but only got a B+.. and again same with my 2nd sem where I thought I could get an A for Statics but only manage another B+ ....

It seems no matter how confident I am of my answers, others seem to be able to do much better. To make myself feel better, I've derived a conclusion for the past 2 years I spent here in NUS. "No matter how well you do, your results will still depend on the rest" . With this in mind, I will be satisfied just by trying my best without caring on what my final results will be.

I can say I pulled my CAP up this sem.. but only by a bit..... and its still too damn low for me to actually say it out loud. A lot of my friends, year 1 and 2 alike often ask me how did I do.... I'm sorry if I cant give you guys a definite answer... I'm just too embarrassed to tell my CAP out.... YES, ItS THAT LOW!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tired week!

I spent my past week on a holiday to Langkawi+Penang+Ipoh with a gang of people from NUS (mostly from 5b gang). The trip was tiring but fun nevertheless. And the pasta in Langkawi?? HEAVENLY!!! Wont be talking too much about the trip... a lot happened in 7 days, and typing it all out will just be like writing a short story. Conclusion? I had no regrets on going for the trip xD

Went out for Pirates 3 today with most of the KL group that went for the 7-day trip. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the show. Its good, but not great.

Oh well, gotta go catch up on the anime's i missed for the past week, tata!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Wahahaha, went to NUS welcome tea for accepted students for the coming year of studies. I think about 100 students turn up with their parents for the welcome tea.

Us MSL people were appointed to answer questions from the parents and prospective students after a short talk by some OSA people.... I tak kenal wan... can say the hottest senior was James. He probably answered the most questions and definitely talked the most.

Seeing all those blur and confused faces of students and parents really reminds me of the time when I myself got my acceptance letter from NUS. Though I admit, students for the last intake and this intake are probably more worrid than us from the intake 2 years ago. I mean, we didn't even cared about CORS until we actually needed to start bidding for the modules. Now, its like they haven't even accepted the offer from NUS and they're already worrid about not getting their modules. I guess being sure of what you're gonna face is better than last minute surprises xD .

Another trend I realized among Malaysian students are they are really very ambitious. Just like the last intake, a number of students this year are confidently asking about how to do a double degree, USP or extra stuff. This is the second year I'm facing this kinda ambitious students ( I farely remember Kah Onn telling me he wants to do BOTH USP AND a double degree) and I really dont know whether to tell them the truth and ask them to forget about it or to lie to them and tell them its possible. I'm afraid that telling them the truth will only make them feel I'm looking down at them or if i lie to them, they'll hate in the future. Frankly speaking, USP is still possible but a double degree? I'll doubt you'll ever experience anything in Uni other than books in your face.

All I'm hoping for this group of students is that they'll be able to enjoy their time in NUS.... ok NOT ENJOY LA.. but hopefully they don't experience too much difficulties until they have to quit NUS like a few others I have know.

On to another topic, went for supper with James, Yen Yoong, Alison, Syen, Leo and Miss Hoo(Yuan Lih la for those who are blur). Played fusbal and pool ( which both I sucked at) . Its really nice hanging with NUS people (and 1 EX-NUS) after our sem is over. Relaxing to know that we can still wake up tomorrow not needing to worry about lectures/tutorials/studies/exams. And it was also nice to see "future" Dr. Hoo again, though her lameness level has gone down when compared to Alison, James and Ryan but still lame nevertheless!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Its been awhile since I've blogged. Was very busy the past few days. A few of the gang from NUS came down to KL for a few days. Because of that, I wasn't able to rest properly. Spent a lot of time out with them. After they went back, I was instantly asked to go out with Kevin and Edwin. Once again spent the whole day out with them. Luckily i was able to get a good sleep yesterday night or I'll probably faint anytime.

The past few days were enjoyable yet tiring. Im too lazy to elaborate or post up any pictures but the main things i've done :
With NUS gang - Bah Ku Teh, Yong Tau Foo, Winning Eleven, Movie(Dancing Lion.. SUCKS), KTZ
With Kevin and Edwin - Dota, Look for work, CNC3

Thats basically how I spent my few days. Hopefully will get to watch Spiderman tomorrow cause I really want to watch it. Will be playing futsal with Kevin and Edwin on Saturday. Sorry Yen Yoong for not being able to play with you, I promised my friends di. Next time ya!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


This semester will officially end tomorrow. I'm done packing today thanks to Sarah!! Just need to move them over to Li Yang's and Elaine's room tomorrow.

Today is really tiring for me.. and i think most of the others too. MSL rented a chalet in Aloha Changi and we all stayed over yesterday night. We had BBQ for dinner which was good but as usual not enough for some of us. So while the majority stayed back in the chalet to play games, a few of us went out to Geylang to fill our half empty stomaches.

We started off with soya bean and "yu tiao"( or yau cha kuai). The yu tiao is DAMN good!! Crispy long and oily, damn nice! After finishing, we went opposite the road to have frog porridge. The porridge wasn't fantastic but nevertheless its quite tasty. By the time we finished, it was already damn late. About 3am if i recalled correctly. So we decided to go to the beach nearby the chalet to wait for the sunrise.

Me, Kai Ju, Kwong Aik and Qing Zhuang bought 2 bottles of beer for the beach. When we reached the beach, we realized we didn't have a bottle opener!!! hahaha, took us quite some time trying to figure out how to open the bottles and after everything we tried failed, we decided to walk back to a coffee shop to had it open.

After getting the bottles opened, we head back to the beach and talk cock while waiting for the sunrise. Its really refreshing to finally be able to relax with a group of friends, drinking beer, gossiping, laughing and stuff after our long period of exams.

The sun finally started to rise at 6 something. We spent about half an hour to look at the sunrise. It was a nice sight.. The different shades of colours in the sky, the reflection of the light in the sea, nice...

After we were satisfied, went to have breakfast on the way back to the chalet. After breakfast and gathering our stuff, we went back to pgp to finally get some sleep xD

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Its been quite awhile since I updated... was really busy the past week. Nothing much happen the past week. My life was practically just revolving around "study - dota - sleep".

Then came the exams..... I can say i didn't do very well AGAIN this sem. I'm really praying i get an A for PH1101E.. Or at least a B+... The rest of my modules?? haha don't know what to say about them. Lets just hope my classmates dont do so well to pull the grades up.......

Will be busy the next few days also... Gotta start packing and get ready to go back to Malaysia.

My plans for the next 3 months?? Not really sure yet, am hoping i can get a job back home. Kevin invited me to represent Autosurf in the next WCG for CNC3!! hahaha, I've never played CNC3 before!!! But since I did play the past versions of CNC , learning the game wont be hard. The problem will be on my poor micro and macro skills (not econs mine you, its terms we use in gaming). Oh well, 3 months to practice!!