Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got a feeling!

Woot! Guinness is great!

Arthur's Day is fantastic!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Break! woot!

We ended our IFG journey last Saturday without even getting a medal. I wasn't really disappointed with the 3rd/4th placing game lost again SoC though. We fielded our 2 weakest players and drafted an unstable draft for the game. For me, though I didn't win anything for IFG but I'm still glad I participated. Through those few games, I've managed to learn a lot about self-confidence and have also met some new friends. I've always hated Zohn cause he was always too cocky but after a few training games we got to know each other better and he's really not such a bad guy (he's still cocky though =.=).

I'm pretty glad that DotA was included as an Inter-Faculty Game. It shows that people are starting to take e-sports as serious sports and not just computer games. Many people look down on e-gaming saying it's a waste of time and money to sit down and play computer games. At the same time, these people are ignoring the fact that there's not much different from computer games with none physical sports like snooker, archery or shooting which are sports played competitively all over the world. In fact, competitive e-games are actually more benificial to a person than the mentioned sports provided players are taking the game seriously and manage their time properly. Split-second decision making, alertness, communication, teamwork and critical thinking are just a few things you can benefit from playing games with the right mindset. I hope in the future, people will start to take e-sports more seriously .

On the same day, we had a bbq gathering at Alison's new place to celebrate Ms. Pang's be-earlied birthday =p . Had a great time, I love gatherings like this where we can forget about everything and laugh our hearts out. The food wasn't fantastic but seeing it was a last minute thing, I guess we did quite well.

Sunday : NUSEG DotA competition. It's probably my last NUS competition as a NUS undergrad. Won 1st place as expected. There weren't really any strong teams playing in NUS right now. The prize money was a big improvement from last year. Each of us got 45 bucks after minusing off the registration fees. After the competition, me, DK, Lak and Madeline went to celebrate at some steamboat/bbq buffet place in Sunset Way (forget what's the name of the place). The beef was imba! I love bbq beef! I guess the happiest thing that happened that day wasn't me winning the money but me spending the money on free flow of beef ( I think I ate too little beef though.. shit damn regret). Really enjoyed chatting with them over dinner. I hope this kind of dinner can happen more often in the future.

Back in Subang for a break now. Kind of a relieved that I came back. The weather here surprisingly is not as humid as it was in Singapore and I have unlimited air-con here! Ok la, I won't make my parents go broke so I'm only turning it on when I'm sleeping. I've been sleeping a lot since I came back though. I think I was really exhausted mentaly and physically from my lifestyle in Singapore. Been having trouble moving away from my bed once I lie down. Gotta start studying though, Korean quiz right after the break ends and Macro mid-terms coming soon too.

Happy holidays to everyone in NUS =)


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ahh.. Engin lost to Science in semis for DotA...

We were undoubtly the favourites to win gold. Stormed through the group stages with 4 impressive wins out of 4 games. Sadly it all ended because of some major decisions that I made.

Few factors why we lost (warning! everything will be stated in DotA terms):
1) Drafting, I underestimate the strength of AP and gave it to opponents without thinking. I drafted a draft which was not really a bad draft, but frankly speaking it didn't fit to our team's play-style. I knew very well that we did not have an established Rhasta player but still went on to pick it without picking another stable carry along with my QOP.

2) Item builds. The draft definitely brought our chances of winning down but what I believe to be the most important factor was my item build. Going hex and orchid for that game was utterly stupid. The problem is, I knew I shouldn't be getting those items before I got them because of the lack of dps in our team but still went on to get them because my teammates insisted on it. If I were to listened to my heart and went for pure damage instead, the game would have been won.

3) Lack of commanding. This team has pretty stubborn players. Without proper commanding, they'll just insist on forcing their way into the opponents base. With opponents having a pugna and AP, force pushing should never be an option. It was common sense that we will lose once we stick and force and once again I knew it but didn't command the team to back up and wait for an opportunity.

4) Hero assignments. This was not my fault.. I already insisted on Zohn playing the bane but instead, Guolong who can't micro more than 1 unit took it. By not being able to micro, it means that he won't be getting a book 3. 1 book 3 will give us an enourmous advantage by being able to use it to kill pugna's nether ward before an engage. The true sight given by the blue guy would have also enable us to deward and counter potm's ulti. (Again, this brings me back to my item build. I could also have gotten a book 3 but decided not too because of comments from my teammates.)

All in all, the lost really comes down to my decisions. I made decisions based on comments and actions by my teammates knowing very well that those decisions will be detrimental to our chances of winning. If only I had more self-confidence on my decisions and played the game based on my instincts, we definitely would have won.

It's really depressing that I failed to realize this sooner. So this is the feeling of scoring an own goal + giving a penalty + getting red-carded all in 1 game... =(

3rd/4th placing against SoC this Saturday. Come watch if free! The finals between Biz and Sci would be an interesting one though. In my opinion Science would probably win it but if Biz manages to pull another surprise strategy (they did omni+od in group stages against Science), they may be able to win it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Because I'm Stupid - SS501

내 머리는 너무나 나빠서
너 하나밖에 난 모르고
다른 사람을 보고있는 넌
이런 내마음도 모르겠지

너의 하루에 나란 없겠지
또 추억조차 없겠지만
너만 바라만 보고있는 난
자꾸 눈물이 흐르고있어

너의 뒷모습을 보는것도 난 행복이야
아직 나의 마음을 몰라도
끝내 스치듯이 가도

니가 너무 보고싶은 날엔
너무 견디기 힘든 날에는
너를 사랑한다 입가에 맴돌아
혼자 다시 또 crying for you
혼자 다시 또 missing for you
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

너의 하루에 난 없겠지
또 기억조차 없겠지만
너만 바라만 보고있는 나
혼자 추억을 만들고 있어

내겐 사랑이란 아름다운 상처같아
너의 예쁜 미소를 보아도
함께 난 웃지도 못해

니가 너무 생각나는 날엔
가슴 시리고 슬픈 날에는
니가 보고싶다 입가에 맴돌아
혼자 다시 또 crying for you
혼자 다시 또 missing for you
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

Bye bye never say good bye
이렇게 잡지 못하지만
I need you 아무 말도 못해 I want you 바래도 다시 바래도

니가 너무 보고싶은 날엔
너무 견디기 힘든 날에는
너를 사랑한다 입가에 맴돌아
혼자 다시 또 crying for you

니가 너무 생각나는 날엔
가슴 시리고 슬픈 날에는
니가 보고싶다 입가에 맴돌아
혼자 다시 또 crying for you
혼자 다시 또 missing for you
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucky - Ashilyn (Boys Before Flowers OST)

Uni stuffs are finally pilling up. I got my Korean! That means an additional 6 hours of class per week. I initially wanted to look for something to do for part-time but looking at my weird time table now, it's kind of hard to find a job that's willing to give me my timeslots.

Attended my Korean tutorial today and I really enjoyed it. Classmates and tutor were great. Looking forward to next weeks tutorial!

Days have been filled with lots of Dota lately. I'm finally getting some draft matches because of Inter Faculty Games training. Yes, there's Dota for IFG and I'm playing for Team Engin =D .

I hate my teammates though.. Really stubborn people that refuses to think out of the box. Been having a hard time trying to get the "act-base-on-situation" thinking into their heads. To them, when something works well in 1 situation, they assume its gonna do well every single time. Dota is a game filled with so many unknown variables that every game is different but somehow they fail to see this simple fact. Lame..

oh well, I should fix this habit of sleeping in the wee hours of the morning after IFG is over. Gotta wake up earlier to take something from my friend some more.. sigh... Good Night