Tuesday, August 21, 2007


For ME students, during sem 5 we have to take a design module that will last for 2 years (ie 1 4 MC module each for sem 5 and sem 6 each). What we need to do for the module is form a team of about 6-8 people and take up a design project.

Initially, I opted to be in Wei Loon and Ian's team but just about a week ago I realized the whole team was filled with SEP students. SEP students will have to skip sem 6 of this module because they wont be here, meaning I will be alone next sem. So I randomly found some other people without a group and wont be leaving for anywhere next sem. Everything was fine initially, the few of the people I found are friendly Singaporeans. We elected a leader and signed up for a random sponsored project (sponsored meaning we will be designing something for a company outside of NUS). Random because we were too late for the dateline for choosing projects.

Just yesterday, our group leader left our group for another group because he is going for NOC next sem and NOC/SEP/IA students are not allowed to take sponsored projects. So the ME management decided to randomly assign a leader for the group........ and the lucky me was suddenly elected...... Another bad thing was, our group mentor (each group will have a Prof guiding them on the project) was away on holiday and will only be back in September........ We are supposed to start discussing this week.... zzzzz

The few of us met up for a brief meeting..... just to realize all of us have no idea what the company really wants us to do. Which means we will probably have to head down to meet the company representative by ourselves without guidance to listen on what they want us to design....

Hopefully everything goes well....

p.s. The company we were assign to is APL co. ltd. An international shipping company. The sad thing is.... I don't think they need many engineers in their company for internship... Was hoping on giving the company a good impression so I can get an internship for the 3 months holiday. Sigh........

Friday, August 17, 2007


Very beautiful song... great vocals... mesmerizing melody.... just love the song.... one of the many good songs from the OST of NANA the anime.

Winter sleep
Lyrics: Eclipse
Music: OLIVIA・rui

It keeps coming back to me
I remember this pain
It spreads across my eyes
Everything is dull

Everyone's smiling, they're smiling
It pushes me far far away
I can't understand
Everything is blue

Can you hear me out there?

Will you hold me now Hold me now My frozen heart
I'm gazing from the distance and
I feel everything pass through me
I can't be alone right now
Will you hold me now Hold me now My frozen heart
I'm lost in a deep winter sleep
I can't seem to find my way out alone
Can you wake me

I know when I let it in
It hides love from this moment
So I guard it close
I watch the moves it makes

But it gets me, but it gets me
I wish I could understand how I
Could make it disappear, make it disappear

Anyone out there hear me now?

Will you hold me now Hold me now My frozen heart
Kiss my lips
and maybe you can take me to your world for now
I can't be alone right now
Will you hold me now Hold me now My frozen heart
Please make it all go away
Am I ever gonna feel myself again?
I hope I will

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Got my harddisk back... its not making sounds anymore.. but my dota still lags... its prob the graphics card or my cpu gets too hot when i play... zzzz


Monday, August 13, 2007

Sien daoz.....

I just sent my hard disk for check up..... something was wrong with it. Occasionally it will start making funny sounds and its lagging pretty badly nowadays..... no comp all the way till Tuesday... The bad thing is.. I did not back up my files.....hopefully they wont reformat it before asking me... If not a lot of my precious things will be gone... zzzzzzzz

On a brighter note, I bought a new phone. My old phone suddenly died on me. Luckily it died around the same time my contract expired so I could get a new phone for a much cheaper price. After thinking for a long time, I opt for LG Shine KU970!! PRETTY WEI THE PHONE!!! Functions are pretty ok, not bad really. SD238.... its quite cheap for the features + looks. The other phones I was looking at were all way above my budget. Currently, hunting for a screen protector.... The one that came with the phone sucks..... Going to drop off liow. If anybody knows where to get a good screen protector, please kindly let me know k?

Because of the phone... and the Kinabalu trip.. I'm currently a bit broke liow... Today I also spent a lot. Went for Rush Hour 3 this afternoon and then went to Settlers Cafe to celebrate Leo and Sarah's birthday. Will be the last day I'm spending..... The next few weeks I will be stinging on everything including food!!!!

Rush Hour 3 was good!!! It's really a damn funny show. The past 2 Rush Hour did not disappoint me and the newest one definitely did not too. Great show, worth the SD1o I spent for.....

Had a great time in Settlers Cafe... played a few games and stuff. Spent 3 hours in the place... A good way to officially end our holidays. Schools starts tomorrow morning... zzzzzzzz... I wish everybody good luck and to the freshies... hope you guys can get use to the study life here... I know I didn't.....

Last thing.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Sometimes... I just feel a bit distant.... a bit left out... a bit...........................alone........................

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Feeling emo today...... not sure wats the main reason though... quite a lot of reasons involved.... hopefully I will feel better tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Late nighters......

Yesterday night (or rather, this morning....) , few of the year 3's gathered at R6 lounge for board games after Fong Seng. Me, Kai Ju, Wei Loon, Wen Yeow, Aik Yong, Wei Lee, Sook Cheng, Elaine and Ferdy were the ones present.

They started by playing Chor Dai Dee for a few rounds then switched to Blokus for a few rounds but the main event was..... Risks!!!! 6 of us paired up into partners (ie. each team has 2 players) to make 3 teams or "alliance". The rest watched. The game, I have to say was pretty "chi kek" and funny. Strategies being discussed very thoroughly while others try to "sabo" opponents by playing mind games. Smart people, I was with.... Lol

The game lasted for about 4-5 hours. By the time it ended it was already 6 something. It was a long time since we played/talked till the wee hours in the morning. We used to do it quite often during our 1st sem but since the 2nd sem, everyone seems to be too busy. Its really a relieve that we can actually do this again... Really had fun, not just because my team won =D but because that night we were able to put all our worries aside and just play........ =)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm back in Singapore!!! Arrived yesterday at about 2am .

Oh, I was on the same flight back from Sabah with Shebby Singh and a few other ESPN crew. Lol

Sunday, August 5, 2007


The title has nothing to do with the post, I just can't think of a proper title.

Today, we rented a car. A kancil for RM100 per day. Drove up to Kinabalu Park, the place where all the climbers do their admin stuff before climbing up the mountain. Along the way, we stopped a few times to take videos off the mountain. Surprisingly, the weather was a total contrast to when we were climbing. Clear skies. The mountain peak was visible and Meng Tat manage to get quite a few good footages.

After taking videos at Kinabalu Park, we traveled a bit further down to Poring Hot Springs. Didn't spend too much time at the hot springs, just took a walk for awhile then headed.

We reached back to town at about 8 something. Yea, the traveling time was pretty long (we started from town at about 12) but the scenery we saw was well worth the time. Had dinner the moment we reached town and headed back to rest.

I've realized something today, something that makes me feel stupid.................. I shall not care about it anymore.................... I shall concentrate on more important things.... like my studies, fitness level and Dota practices (yes... I'm serious... I want to be good at something..)

Saturday, August 4, 2007


For those who don't know, I'm still in Kota Kinabalu. Went for island hopping today. After lunch, Me and Meng Tat(Chea Choon left for Singapore yesterday night) head off towards the jetty. Upon arrival at the jetty, as expected, people started approaching us to offer boat rides to islands. We bargained and finally got RM100 for 2 of us to go to 2 islands.

Our 1st stop was Mamutih island. At 1st glance, the island was nice and the beach was quite a pleasant place. Sadly, that wasn't the truth. After walking around the beach awhile, we decided to go down to the sea with our snorkeling gear. (rented from the boat, RM10 1 set) Once we walked down into the water, our legs started to hurt. zzzzz the sand there, wasn't sandy at all. The place was covered with stones, rocks and broken shells. Some of the stones are damn big and sharp. Really uncomfortable lor. Then when we put our head in with our snorkeling gear, we saw nothing.... The water was murky and blur. Can't see anything. Spent very little time in the sea, spent most of the time just relaxing and enjoying the calm surroundings.

After 2 hours at Mamutih, we headed of on the same boat to Mandukan island. Mandukan island was worst than Mamutih.... The moment we stepped down on to the jetty, we can already see
rubbish floating in the sea. Again, we took a walk along the beach before we went in to the water. Once again, we were disappointed with the stony sands and murky water. This time, can see maggi mee cover also.... zzzz.. but surprisingly, we manage to see a few fishes through our goggles. I came out of the water earlier caused I really didn't like the sand. Headed to the benches and relaxed. I actually fell asleep for awhile, the environment was really quite and relaxing. Really needed that kind of mood with everything that has been going on. Spent 2 hours in Mandukan also. Went back to the mainland then headed for dinner and then back.

Been spending a lot... Will be trying to stay on the next 2 days with minimum budget =( .

p.s. To add on to my last post about the mountain, I also regretted not bringing a camera here. Wasted, damn lot of nice scenery. We didn't take many photos because the only camera we have here is Meng Tat's video camera which is really troublesome to take out from the bag just to snap pics.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Failed miserably......

Came down from Mount Kinabalu today. Everything was fine the 1st day. We were taking our time, not pushing ourselves and I was kinda enjoying the surroundings. Little do I know, bad things were to happen. Just after the 1KM mark(for those who are thinking "1KM only mar", let me remind you its not 1KM straight road.... Its steep ok...) I realized my pants had a hole a the you-know-where part. Luckily it was a small hole, but I had to try hard to do things slowly so that i don't make the hole bigger.

So all goes well, slowly we were progressing. Then, it started raining just after the 3/4 of the days journey mark and when it rains there, it's damn cold wei. The last 1/4 was really a struggle, strong winds, rain water and low temperature. For a moment I thought I was going to freeze to death. Luckily, we still made it to the destination for the day. Felt a bit dizzy and was shivering then but it was a big relief. Buffet dinner!!! yay!!! But the food quite lousy, RM 33 for normal "chap-fan" food. sigh.. but if I opted for ala-carte the price would be around there also, so might as well pay for the buffet and eat as much as I can.

After dinner, went down to our room/cabin. Wuish, the toilet is outside wan. Like those old chinese show punya toilet. Have to walk with torchlight to get there... some more in the middle of the mountain and jungle.... The room was ok, comfortable.... at first. We all slept as soon as we could, about 7 something because we needed to wake up at 2am to continue our journey to the peak(the 2am is so that we can make it for the sunrise). Everything was fine, until the room started to get colder... It became so cold, my legs were aching damn badly..... I was wearing 2 layers of pants with 2 of those hotel kind of blankets covering myself.... Still freezing.... Couldn't sleep well all the way till the alarm rang.

So the 2nd part of our climb started. Temperatures were as low as 8 degrees. I was wearing 3 layers of clothes, 3 layers of pants(1 short, 2 long) and a jacket with gloves.... Still can't block the cold.... zzzzz... But the 2nd part was quite ok, I think I felt better when compared to 1st part of the climb. The 2nd part is shorter in distance but then more challenging in the sense that you really need to climb at some parts.

Here comes another sad news, about 1/3 of the climb to the peak, there is this part where u have to use a rope to climb up a nearly 90 degrees wall. I couldn't do it.. I was afraid of heights, a lot of you know.... I can confirm it now. My legs just couldn't take me any further so I gave up. I felt sorry to Meng Tat and Chea Choon because both of them decided not to go on to the peak. REALLY SORRY!!!!

So we headed back down, to stop to have our breakfast. We reached just before it started to rain. It rained damn heavily and we were all freezing. Luckily we didn't go up to the peak after all. hahaha. After our breakfast, we checked out and started our journey down to the bottom. Now going down was much easier, but I was still taking things slowly. I didn't want to get injured or something.

Now... another sad news, just about after 1KM down. I slipped and sprained my ankle... Yes... again.... I couldn't walk all the way down. There was 5KM more to go..... So my guide decided to call for the stretcher. While waiting for the stretcher, my guide and another guide slowly helped me walk a bit by putting my arms on their shoulders. We went on for about another 0.5Km then the stretcher arrived.... The stretcher.... damn scary... When I was loaded on to the stretcher, they wrapped me up with those white belts. Looks like those mad people being tied up in the asylum only.... zzzz then 4 guys carried my down all the way. They swapped with another 4 people half-way. Those people are amazingly fast. I was down in no time. Did some paperwork then waited for Meng Tat and Chea Choon to come down.. Waited about 2 hours..

That's about it for the mountain trip.... I got a cert for reaching the 1st point of destination. A bit disappointed though. Really wanted to reach the peak and being carried down was not exactly my most proudest moment. Damn lot of people staring. sigh...

Thinks I've regretted :
1. Not training at all for the climb
2. Not being able to overcome my fear of heights
3. Did not prepare enough clothing and a proper jacket
4. Wasn't careful enough knowing my ankle is prone to injury