Friday, September 23, 2011

One Tree Hill

So I'm here in Indonesia.. Ampah, some where in Central Kalimantan.. work related. I've been here a few days and well we don't really have anything to do here during the night. Knowing that, I downloaded Season 7 and 8 of One Tree Hill and started watching again.
I've watched Season 7 before but I stopped so long that I've forgotten the story so I'm rewatching it again. I love One Tree Hill, everything about the show is just so good since the beginning of season 1. I got attracted during season 1 because of the basketball involved and well the soundtrack was just amazing (Gavin Degraw's I don't wanna be as a starting track? fucking awesome no?).
I believe the writers of the show are incredibly talented. The great thing about the show is every season sees the characters grow. From Highschool teenagers to grown up adults. And the show is loaded with inspirational quotes and real life situations we can really learn from. After nearly every arc, we get something like a narration at the end of the episodes sometimes in the form of a speech or just a simple conversation but I find most of them to be really meaningful. Things we can really learn and apply. Oh and did I say the soundtracks are fantastic? Every season we get great music and by great I don't mean those meaningless pop or hip hop songs you hear on mainstream radio but songs with meaningful lyrics.
I'm not hooked on it as I was during my uni days (used to spent hours watching continuously) but I'm pretty happy to spend my nights here watching One Tree Hill.
I will buy the box set with all 8 seasons when I get the chance. Let me know if anybody sees it in Singapore or Malaysia ya!