Saturday, July 5, 2008

ahh.. its been a long time.... just too lazy to update.....

My last post was about having trouble finding a place to stay, guess what? I managed to found a pretty nice place. It's at Clementi, 2200 per month. House is not very old and its pretty cosy. Engin is only 3 stops away. There's food, karaoke, mcd, kfc, pizza hut, banks, buses, mrt, and grocery stores. What more can you ask for? Great location lor. The only problem is.. the kitchen is filled with roaches. Been killing damn lot of them but they just come back every night.

Another thing I'm afraid of is sharing a room (currently sleeping in 1 room cause the rest of my housemates are not back yet). No, I'm not afraid my room mate will disturb me. More of the other way round. Everybody knows I always sleep very late, the doors are a bit squeaky so I'm scared that I'll wake him when I go to bed. I'm also scared that I snore... =(

Oh well, hope everything goes well.

The past 2 days have been filled with sports and dinner meetings. Swam at John's place yesterday. Unlike the first time that we swam there, this time I really did swim (of course the amount of swimming done is no where near last time when I was swimming regularly). Hands are damn tired, could barely lift up my hands when I was bathing. It's still aching now when I apply pressure.

Today played football, don't know why but was damn tiring. Legs are currently feeling like jelly.

Whole body aching, never thought pain would actually make me feel good =D.

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